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B) To draw attention by means of quarrels, insubordinations by instructions


Diagnostic of teaching

91) What is diagnostic of teaching?

Diagnostic of teaching is an approach that works through helping students to learn to understand the materials.

92) What does developing function do?

Stimulate the activity of children.

93.What does individual control mean?

When a teacher give a pupil its own task.

94.When the current control is carried out?

Current control is carried out throughout the learning.

95) What should be the control of educating function?

Control should be focused, objective

96.What is the name of control where the class is divided into several groups and each group

is given a verification task?

Group Control

97.What does a teacher do in the theme control?

On the results of the thematic control a teacher will evaluate a student

98.In what form the final control is carried out?

In the form of examinations or annual monitoring work

99.What is learning control function?

Improving the knowledge and skills, its systematization

100.What is front control?

When tasks are offered to the whole class.


Methods and forms of controlling results of teaching.

101.What does guestioning mean?

A teaching method that includes questioning is similar to testing.

102) What does testing mean?

A teacher tests the student on what was previously taught in order to identify if a student has learned the material.

103) What does lecturing mean?

Lecturing is teaching, giving a speech, by giving a discourse on a specific subject that is open to the public, usually given in the classroom.

104) Why we should use demonstrating teaching?

To provide an opportunity in learning new exploration and visual learning tasks from a different perspective.

105.What is the main idea of collaborating teaching?

To talk among each other and listen to all view points of discussion or assignment.

106.Who developed a method ‘learning by teaching’ that is popular in Germany?

Jean-Pol Martin.

107.What is the main idea of learning by teaching?

The students take the teacher's role and teach their peers.


Ananyeva Inna TFL 2B


108.What is the primary education?

Primary education, as part of a system of continuing education, is the foundation of an individual's future development.

109)How many levels has General education?

110)Which levels has general education?

Primary education - classes 1-4 (from ages 6-7);

Basic secondary education - classes 5-9;

General secondary education - classes 10-11.


111) Since what year the Presidential programme “Bolashak” is accepted?

Since 1998


112)For what the Presidential program “Bolashak” has beendesigned?

The program is designed to train future leaders in business, international relations, law, science, engineering, and other key fields. Upon completion of their programs, scholarship recipients return to Kazakhstan to perform government service for a period of five years.


Education in the Republic is provided in 5 languages: Kazakh, Russian, Uyghur, Uzbek and Tajik.


113)When the education development programme for the years 2005-2010 in the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted?

In 2004

114) A new subject “Learning about the world” which taught in primary schools has … units.

115)Which units has a new subject “Learning about the world”?

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