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B) The purpose family upbringing

B) The set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously.

65. Which term may be used to encompass all forms of technology-enhanced learning?


a) E-learning b) Distance learning


66. What is contractual work?


a) students work together, face to face, so they can learn from one another.

B) Teacher and student establish an agreement that the student must perform a certain amount of work by a deadline.

67. Which word from Latin means external view, contour?

a) formb) assignment


68. What is a software system to support teaching and learning in an educational setting?

a) Virtual learning environment b) Managed learning environment


69. What does evaluate the process of learning in its process and is a part of the teaching process?

a) Summative Assessment b) Formative Assessment

70. Which term implies the prevention of disruptive behavior?


a) Classroom managementb) Virtual learning environment



XII lecture Diyara and Nazgul


71. The representative of the pedagogics, developing theories of collective was:

A) Comenius

B) Makarenko

72. As much as possible to use opportunities of collective for the decision of those problems for the sake of which this collective is created. What stage this basic purpose concerns?

A) First

B) Second

73. The practical purpose which is capable to carry away and rally pupils Makarenko called it

A) Prospect

B) Parallel action

74. It is removed in time, most socially the significant purpose demanding significant efforts for achievement

A) Average prospect

B) Far prospect

75. Obligatory condition of progressive movement of collective

A) Continuous changing of the collective, new and more difficult tasks

B) To remain in one collective and to get used to new complexities

76. What is the Parallel actions?

A) Influence of associates, the tutor, collective

B) Influence of family, relatives

77. In which stage the principle of collective is applied?

A) Second

B) Third

78. Conformism is:

A) The person submits to collective

B) The person subordinates to itself collective

79. The subject of education in collective is

A) becoming of collective by the carrier of educational influence

B) Development the attitude between collective and person

80. Publicity, dependence, the perspective lines, parallel actions - all this are:

A) The law of a life of collective

B) Principles of development of collective

81. To teach children to useful applied skills and the skills directed on self-service and the help relatives. This is

A) Principles of family upbringing

B) Tasks of family upbringing

82. The most general principle of family upbringing is

A) Humanity and mercy to the growing person

B) To bring up self-respect, values own “I”

83. Formation of qualities of the person which help to overcome adequately difficulties and barrier on a vital way is:

A) The form of family upbringing

B) The purpose family upbringing

84. “Each subsequent tutor renders on the child less influence, than previous(parents)” approved

A) Makarenko

B) Russo

85. Egoism grows from

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