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E3 Role-Plays

Using new vocabulary words from this chapter, act out the following role-plays.

1. At the beginning of the semester, you decided to join the band, the soccer team, the campus events committee, the chess club, and the French club. Initially it was fun, and you have met a lot of new people. However, you are now falling behind in your studies, and you realize that you should eliminate some of these activities. The problem is that you like them all. You decide to discuss this problem with a friend who seems to be better at time management than you are. Your friend advises you about which activities to keep and which ones to drop.

2. In the school newspaper you see an advertisement regarding a meeting for students interested in joining the ski club. A phone number is provided, but there is very little additional information. Call the telephone number and ask the club member for details about the following:

46 Essential Academic Vocabulary

the date, time, and location of the meetings

the criteria for joining

the activities of the club: ski trips and other events

any special equipment needed

the cost of membership

For more activities related to this chapter, go to the Essential Academic Vocabulary website.

Examine the photograph of a student sitting at his computer late at night. Put a check mark (/) next to the statements that might indicate that he has a problem with computer addiction. Defin ition: Addiction is dependence on a harmjul habit, such us alcohol, drugs, ov stnokint.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

George has been sitting at his computer for a short period of time.

George likes to work in a comfortable environment.

George has designed a new website with several interesting features.

George focuses more on playing computer games than on studying.

George rarely participates in student activities.

George prefers the online community to interacting with other residents in his dorm.

George derives pleasure from playing computer games occasionally.

George's computer habits have a significant impact on his social life.

George normally restricts his computer use to one or two hours per day.

Georges major is computer science, so most of his assignments are computer based.

George uses his computer skills to assist him in his research.

Surfing the Internet consumes much of George's spare time.

Essential Academic Vocabulary

1. Vocabulary in Context

Write the appropriate word from each group of word choices in the numbered blanks in the text.


1. beneficial, legal, voluntary 11. define, function, refine
2. significant, theoretical, traditional 12. derive, evaluate, participate
3. affected, contracted, involved 13. design, finalize, perceive
4. categories, elements, periods 14. distribution, impact, resource
5. chapter, computer, schedule 15. creating, legislating, restricting
6. consuming, establishing, occurring 16. affect, estimate, seek
7. achieve, range, select 17. assistance, community, evidence
8. primary, similar, traditional 18. issue, principle, regulation
9. indicates, obtains, surveys 19. achieve, assess, consult
10. focus, investment, potential 20. methods, policies, sections

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