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ESI Chart Completion

Complete the following chart with the different forms of each word. Note that some words do not have all forms.


Noun Verb Adjective Adverb ]
  consume   X
  injure   X
  participate   X
legislation, legislator     X
acquisition     X
  export X X
  X   traditionally


resource X

Essential Academic Vocabulary

Word Forms in Sentences

Reread the second and third paragraphs in the reading selection. Complete the following summary with the words in the box. Make sure that each word fits grammatically and meaningfully.

acquire injuries participation tradition

categorized normally random voluntary

energy participate regional

Students' own interests should provide the focus for their (1)___________ in extracurricular

activities. Activities are not (2)___________ according to a value judgment. Fraternity chapters,

literary societies, orchestras, and football teams are equally considered. However, students who

(3)____________ in one or two activities are probably more attractive to admission authorities

and employers than students who are involved in a range of (4)__________ organizations.

Some schools and businesses have a (5)---------------- of favoring (6)____________ service to

others (children, the elderly, those with (7)___________ , and those with no home), while

others may prefer activities that require students to (8)___________ judgment, efficiency,

organization, and cooperation, such as being a journalist for the student newspaper or

administering a (9)____________ volunteer project. Students should (10)____________

focus their (11)____________ on areas that interest them.

5. Collocations

Give two examples of things associated with each of the following common collocations.
1. major exports _______ 21L_______ ______ ric&_______

2. algebraic equations

3. fuel consumption

4. voluntary service

5. culturally diverse societies

6. acquired tastes

7. traditional holidays

8. refined products

Chapter 4 Student Activities 41

9. alternative energy

10. consumer products

11. credit courses

12. sports injuries

13. regional attractions

14. ancient cultures

6. Word Parts

port (carry)

mm Each of the words in the box contains the word part port, which means "carry." Write each word next to its meaning.

deportation portable report:

export porter reporter

import portfolio transportation

1. ________________ a product received from another country

2. ________________ _ a person who carries travelers' bags

3. ________________ a place where ships are loaded and unloaded

4. a piece of news

5. the act of making a person return to his or her country

6. a system of carrying items from one place to another

7. ________________ able to be carried easily

8. ________________ _ an artist's collection of work

9. ________________ a product sent to another country

10. ________________ a journalist who writes about the news

Essential Academic Vocabulary

■*■]Each of the following words containing the word part port has two of the items in the box associated with it. Write the words under the appropriate headings.


baggage computers   laptop computer suitcase
Boston designs   New York trains
cars editing   nightly news visa expiration
C-l) player electronics   oil weather forecast
coffee immigration violations paintings writing

1. report

2. portable

3. portfolio

4. port


5. reporter

6. exports

7. imports

8. transportation


9. deportation

10. porter

7. Writing

Writing a Persuasive Letter

As the leader of a student club (e.g., the intramural soccer club, the international student organization, the jazz music club) at your college, you have been asked to write a letter to new students to persuade them to join your organization. Complete a letter explaining the goals of the club, the activities organized by the club, and the benefits of joining the club. Include details of how to join the club and when and where the first meeting will be held. Try to include at least six to eight vocabulary wordsin your letter. The letter has been started for you.

Chapter 4 Student Activities 43

August 4

Dear New Student:

I wish to welcome you to campus. I expect you have given a lot of thought to the credit courses you are going to take, but perhaps you are still unsure whether to participate in sports, student government, or a volunteer organization. To assist you in making these important decisions, let me tell you more about this organization which has helped me in so many truly relevant ways since my first day on campus three years ago.

9 Paragraph Writing

Write a response to one of the following topics. Include at least six to eight vocabulary words in your paragraph.

1. What activities did you participate in during high school? Were you interested in music, athletics, volunteer activities, or academic clubs? How do you think these activities have affected your life today? Do you think they helped you make friends or get into college? Are you still interested in the same activities now? Why or why not?

2. Describe your own experiences with extracurricular activities in college. What organizations have you joined? Why did you join them? Describe your own role in the organization as a leader or participant. Comment on whether you think it is difficult to balance activities and studying.

Essential Academic Vocabulary

8. Speaking

31 Conducting an Interview

You will be interviewing a student about a campus organization that he or she has joined and report the information back to a small group or the class. Prepare for your interview by writing eight questions to ask about the organization (name, activities, meeting times, requirements, etc.).



1. Have you joined any student

organizations? Please name one organization that you have joined.

Conduct your interview in a public place, such as a cafeteria, the student center, or the recreation center. Politely ask a student to participate in your survey. Conduct the interview, and record the students answers in the answers column. Remember to thank the student for his or her cooperation.

Give a short oral report (about three minutes) on the interview to a small group or the class regarding the information you learned about one student organization.

Chapter 4 Student Activities

I lie following expressions are useful in conducting interviews: Asking for an interview

Would you mind answering a few questions for my class assignment?

Could you spare a few minutes to answer some questions about a student organization you have joined?

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