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COMMON SUFFIXES to indicate a person's job, interest, or personal characteristic






librarian designer administrator biologist
mathematician gardener advisor economist
musician hiker author finalist
politician interpreter conductor individualist
technician lawyer creator linguist

vegetarian researcher surveyor theorist

Essential Academic Vocabulary

ESI Definitions

Match the words in the chart with the following descriptions.

1. designer A person who makes plans for clothes, furniture, and so on

2. Someone who translates from one language into another

3. A person who writes books

4. A person or team that has a good chance of winning a contest or an

athletic event

5. Someone who deals with numerical variables

6. A person who does not eat meat

7. ____________ A person who directs

8. Someone who runs a business or program

9. A person who provides assistance for legal problems

10. ____________ A person who does things in his or her own way

11. ____________ _ A person who develops ideas on a subject

7. Writing

ES Defining a Term

Find an article on the Internet about one of the following topics. (Note: Many colleges and universities have websites that address these issues.)

• security deposits

• subletting

• lease agreements

• eviction

Write a short paragraph that defines the topic you chose. Include several appropriate details to make your definition clear.

Chapter 3 • Student Housing 31

Paragraph Writing

Write a response to oneof the following topics. Include at least six to eight vocabulary wordsin your paragraph.

1. Choosing an appropriate roommate can be more difficult than it seems. Your best friend might not be the most appropriate roommate. How can you make sure that your experience living with a roommate is a positive one? Have you had any good or bad experiences with roommates? What issues should a person think about when looking for a roommate?

2. What are the disadvantages and advantages of living in a college dorm? Consider such issues as privacy, noise, roommates, bathrooms, cafeteria food, and room design. Should all college students be required to live in a dorm for at least one year? Why or why not? What advice could you give someone who is about to move into a dorm?

8. Speaking

iZJ Partner Activity: Choosing an Apartment

Discuss with a partner the housing options below.

• What type of resident is each housing unit designed for?

• What are the advantages and disadvantages of each housing unit?

• Which one would you select? Give five reasons for your choice.

• Which one would you definitely not want to rent? Why not?



Newly constructed! Terrific location!

• f'iendly administration

• f-irnished units

• 2 or 3 bedrooms

• free utilities

• maintenance service

• computer access

• social activities

• secure environment

• attractively designed rooms

• laundry facilities

• close to campus—everything v/ithin walking distance

$620 per month per unit; yearly contracts only

Glen Valley Apartments

Tours available Move in now!

We offer 3-bedroom apartments with

free computer access, free parking and

free transportation to campus.

Our on-site fitness center features

a hot tub and pool


Game room

Volleyball court

24-hour emergency maintenance

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