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A student-friendly environment!

Security deposit required Rent: $1,200 per month

Tel: 555-8642

Essential Academic Vocabulary


International House

A global community-living experience for

international and American students

+ comfortable, secure environment

•^ attractive design

♦ friendly administration
♦ resident manager

-fc Spanish and Japanese spoken ■0C computer access in each bedroom

♦ all utilities included ♦ individual English tutoring available

♦ semester lease available

♦ on-site cafeteria

♦ on bus route to campus

Call 326-4055

Rent: $560 per month with meal plan included

■■:■■.■■■■.■.; ■:■ ..■■.:■■■■.: .. . ' .■■..-.■■■.:.

glooms 4oc client in <£Pzh>ate ca?£ouse 555-8191IO-iiiin ate walk -ffinii campus in it resid

^■/•i)'e bedrooms available, with access to kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living worn.

'Utilities not included.

®Non-smokets only.

f}m>)nnti' stiSenls pcr^erred.

®%6sotutehf no vets, no opcenialit rj

anS no parlies.

©'ecurii'tJ deposit at/}) lease required

f-wrwt-.-. ^.sy>^^s^;ss-s->.»is-s,-i-ts»>v-ij

M Partner/Group Activity: Roommate Search

You and a friend have decided to rent an apartment together. However, the apartment has three bedrooms, and you need a third person to share the rent. Discuss with your friend the type of roommate you are looldng for. Then design a survey of at least eight questions that you will use to try to find the perfect roommate.


What kinds of food can \jou cook?


3. 4. 5.

6. 7.

8. 9.

Using these questions, interview your classmates or friends to try to find the best roommate. Introduce your new roommate to the class and explain why you chose him or her.


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Student Activities



Noun   Verb Adjective Adverb
acquisition focus affect cultural normally
authority investment append random previously
category journalist commission relevant traditionally
chapter lecture constitute voluntary  
consequence legislation consume    
credit principle export    
distinction region hurt    
energy resource injure    
equation schedule participate    

34 Essential Acadfm:c Vocabulary


1. What kinds of extracurricular student activities does 5. What can you learn from extracurricular activities that your college offer? you do not learn in the classroom?

2. What extracurricular activities do you participate in? 6. Do you think that some kinds of extracurricular activi-

....................... . . . .. _ ties are better than others? For example, is tutorinq

3. Why did you choose these extracurricular activities? ._ an after.schoo[ program for chUdren better than

4. Do you think that your participation in extracurricular playing soccer? Give reasons for your opinion. activities is important for admission to graduate

school or for getting a job? Why or why not?


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