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1. Read three opinions about advertising. Are they true or false?

2. Choose the correct answer.

- A: OK, letís brainstorm how weíre going to promote/endorse this product.

- B: Well, we could get a famous celebrity like David Beckham to endorse it.

- A: I think that would be much too expensive. Commercial/Sponsorship of a TV program would also cost a lot. And a TV logo/commercial is out for the same reason. Iíve seen some great TV shots which are visually beautiful and really eye-catching/shocking, often set in romantic or dull/exotic locations. But I donít think theyíve been very effective/witty as people canít remember the product theyíre advertising.

- B: I agree, but we donít want something catchy/dull and boring. How about advertising on the radio Ė would the budget run to that?

- A: Yes, we could stretch to that.

- B: And would you like something witty and eye-catching/catchy?

- A: Maybe. I want something new and dull/original. But most importantly, it must be persuasive/misleading. It must get people to buy the product.

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