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Choosing your future profession

Peter Pipir picked a pack of pickled peppers,

A pack of pickled peppers Peter Pipir picked.

If Peter Pipir picked a pack of pickled peppers,

Where is the pack of pickled peppers Peter Pipir picked?


Choosing your future profession

- Have you chosen your future profession?

- Yes, I want to be a guide or an interpreter.

- Why have you chosen to work in this field? What are your criteria?

- These professions are well-paid, interesting, and useful. These are the jobs which let you learn something new every day. I find it interesting and challenging to solve new problems. At the same time I will work with English and Russian, the languages I like. I shall also have a wide range of opportunities to see foreign countries and to communicate with native speakers.

- Do you have the needed traits of character?

- Well, IТm industrious, I think, this is a very important trait of character. I am also good at languages and communicative. My father says I am organised, reliable and practical.

- Would you like to be a programmer, for instance?

- No. This job requires thorough knowledge of mathematics and computers, whereas I am not good at these sciences.

- Many boys and girls want to be famous in their future. What about you?

- I donТt think about being famous. If I am famous, I shall be glad. I think, but most of all I want to have a good work and be a good specialist.

- Where would you study to prepare for your future profession?

- I shall try to enter the Philology Department of the State University. If I fail to enter, I shall take courses.

- When did you begin to think about your future profession?

- When I was a child. Then I knew my father was a technologist and I wanted to become a technologist, too. But later I understood that I could become a terrible technologist, since I am bad at chemistry and such subjectsЕ

- Who helped you decide what you want to be?

- My parents supported me a lot, especially my mother. She helped me to understand myself.


1. interpreter Ц перекладач (усний)

2. challenging to solve Ц перспективний дл€ розвТ€занн€

3. wide range Ц широкий д≥апазон

4. opportunity - можлив≥сть

5. trait of character Ц риса характеру

6. industrious Ц працелюбний

7. for instance Ц наприклад

8. thorough Ц ірунтовний, досконалий

9. whereas Ц не дивл€чись на те, хоча

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