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Everything about Food

- Have you chosen your future profession?

- Yes, I want to be a guide or an interpreter.

- Why have you chosen to work in this field? What are your criteria?

- These professions are well-paid, interesting, and useful. These are the jobs which let you learn something new every day. I find it interesting and challenging to solve new problems. At the same time I will work with English and Russian, the languages I like. I shall also have a wide range of opportunities to see foreign countries and to communicate with native speakers.

- Do you have the needed traits of character?

- Well, Im industrious, I think, this is a very important trait of character. I am also good at languages and communicative. My father says I am organised, reliable and practical.

- Would you like to be a programmer, for instance?

- No. This job requires thorough knowledge of mathematics and computers, whereas I am not good at these sciences.

- Many boys and girls want to be famous in their future. What about you?

- I dont think about being famous. If I am famous, I shall be glad. I think, but most of all I want to have a good work and be a good specialist.

- Where would you study to prepare for your future profession?

- I shall try to enter the Philology Department of the State University. If I fail to enter, I shall take courses.

- When did you begin to think about your future profession?

- When I was a child. Then I knew my father was a technologist and I wanted to become a technologist, too. But later I understood that I could become a terrible technologist, since I am bad at chemistry and such subjects

- Who helped you decide what you want to be?

- My parents supported me a lot, especially my mother. She helped me to understand myself.


1. interpreter ()

2. challenging to solve

3. wide range

4. opportunity -

5. trait of character

6. industrious

7. for instance

8. thorough ,

9. whereas ,

Everything about Food

Task 1. Oral test on the homework.

Task 2. Very often teenagers are very hungry because of their being busy. They prefer fast food to healthy one. When they want to eat they can be very aggressive. Using the statement "A hungry man is an angry man" by James Howell, make up a dialogue with your partner about teenagers mood.

Task 3. Read the definition of the word food and give your own explanation of this word, look for synonyms to the word food.

Food any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.

Task 4. Look at the way we write and say prices in British and America English. Practice saying them.

British English American English
Written Spoken Written Spoke
£1 A pound $1 A dollar
50 p Fifty pounds 50c Fifty cents
£1.99 One pound ninety-nine 25c A quarter
£16.40 Sixteen pounds forty 10c A dime

Task 5. Work in pairs. Imagine that you have arrived from Great Britain but your classmate is going to America for his holidays. He wonders how much money he shall take with him, what food he will eat. Using Task 2, speak to your partner about money and prices in both countries.

Task 6. Complete these lines from the conversation, using the phrases in the box below.

A. Learn the dialogue by heart.

B. Be ready to present it in class.

That will be £1.60,1 am afraid, that all, a black coffee, any left

Good afternoon. Can I have (1), please!


Yes, please. Oh, and doughnut, please.

(2) there aren't (3). We've got some delicious carrot cake, and chocolate cake.

OK. Carrot cake, then.

Certainly. Is (4)?

Yes, thanks.

(5), please.

Thank you.

Task 7. Read the idiom, its meaning and example

Chew the fat

I enjoy meeting my friends to chew the fat

To chat

Write your own situation using the idiom and its meaning.

Task 8. Make conversations in cafe or snack bar, or restaurant with a partner. Use the idiom and the ideas to help you.

A white / black coffee A cappuccino / an espresso A pot of tea

Black tea with lemon / tea with milk Still mineral water / a sparkling A piece of Napoleon cake The bill, please

Task 9. Every Saturday some families go shopping. Mothers like to write the shopping list not to forget something in the super market. A. Read the shopping list which mother has written.

Cottage cheese potatoes Eggscarrots

Cheese cucumbers Meat buns Fish butter

B. Write your own shopping list. Explain your choice of the products.

Task 10. Match the quantities with the shopping list (Task 9 A).

1. just one white loaf

2. 400g Cheddar

3. for packets

4.six cans

5. six pork ones

6. for big ones

Task 11. Read and continue the conversation with your partner. Present the dialogue in class.

Mary, Go to the supermarket, please, and buy some products. Here it is shopping list.

O'K! How much milk do we need?

Two pints.

How many eggs?

A dozen.

And what about potatoes?

A kilo's enough.

And butter?

Just one packet.

1 pint GB 0,57 1pint USA 0,47

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