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Our mission

To contribute to major national economic projects (located in Eastern Siberia, Russia's Far East) as well as to the economic development of the Asian-Pacific region; to create a skilled labour force;

To raise the university's international profile in terms of teaching and research;

To integrate university research into Russian economic development, to create new hi-tech industries in the region;

To work together with businesses and local government to prepare a flexible workforce capable of adapting to changing labour markets;

To make investment to enhance staff career opportunities and improve academic buildings, libraries, equipment and IT infrastructure.



Krasnoyarsk Region occupies one-tenth of Russia's total area. Krasnoyarsk Region is located in the central Asian part of Russia and extends from the shores of the Arctic Ocean to the mountains of Southern Siberia. Region has an area of 2.34 million km2, which is ten times the size of Great Britain or four and a half times the size of France, and extends nearly 3000 km from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Sayan Mountains in the south.

There are thousands of crystal clear, mineral-rich mountain, taiga, and tundra rivers and tens of thousands of lakes, including Lakes Taimyr, Dyupkin, and Khantaika, which are some of the largest and deepest lakes in Russia after Lake Baikal.

Krasnoyarsk Region has a severe continental climate characterized by large temperature differences during the year. Due to Region's great extent, the climate is extremely varied. The central and southern regions, where most of the population live, have a continental climate with long winters and short, hot summers. Fall is often dry with early frosts.

With its abundant natural resources, three million inhabitants, modern cities and thriving manufacturing sector, Krasnoyarsk Region has a flourishing economy. Its leading companies, RUSAL and NORILSK NICKEL are internationally important and have created a wealth of job opportunities. Vast reserves of oil and natural gas make Krasnoyarsk Region a significant energy source. Krasnoyarsk Region is among the top ten regions in Russia with an annual Gross Regional Product of $40 billion. More than $50 billion are expected to be invested in the region to develop national projects such as exploring the Vankor oilfield and constructing several hydroelectric power stations in the Angara region. From specializing in traditional resource-based industries like mineral resources, timber harvesting, hydro and heat power generation, the region has responded to global economic shifts with emerging new sectors such as processing industries, chemicals and ICT. This continuing economic growth has attracted numerous public and private investors and promoted tourism in the region. Krasnoyarsk Region is truly a remarkable place to look for opportunities and make a career.


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