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Unusual hobbies



Kellie Lenamond is 16. She’s from Texas in the United States. She has many hobbies. She enjoys playing volleyball. She also likes playing the fiddle, and she loves singing. But, Kellie has an unusual hobby: beekeeping. She is crazy about bees. But Kellie doesn’t work with the bees every day. She checks her hives about twice a month in the spring, summer and fall. She spends more time with the bees in the winter. There aren’t many flowers for the bees to get food from at this time of year. So, Kellie feeds the bees a mixture of sugar and water in the winter.


This is a typical day for Kellie when she works with the bees:


8:00 She gets up and eats breakfast.

9:00 She sets out her bee suit. She makes sugar water for the bees.

11:00 She practices the fiddle.

12:00 She makes lunch for her brothers and sisters.

Then she does her homework.

3:00 She goes to volleyball practice.

5:00 She and her mom make dinner.

7:00 After dinner, Kellie puts on her bee suit.


She and her dad go to the backyard. She feeds the bees the sugar water. Every summer, Kellie takes honey from the hives. Her bees produce about 35 liters of honey a year. Kellie and her family sell some of the honey, cook with the honey and give friends honey, too. Kellie’s friends don’t go near the hives. They are afraid. They don’t want the bees to sting them. Kellie says they don’t understand that bees are a good thing. She says, “I like standing safely in the middle of a swirling mass of stinging insects. No one else is brave enough!”


Music mania

Carlos Blanco collects musical instruments. 400 of his instruments are in a museum and he keeps the rest of his collection of more than 2.000 instruments in a large room in his house near Alicante, Spain. Carlos, a musician, travels all over the world collecting the instruments and he can play all of them. Travelling and my collection is my obsession now, - says Carlos. I spend all my free time on instruments.


Beer can man

Jeff Lebo is a beer can collector. His teenage hobby is his obsession now. H keeps his collection in a special building next to his house, and the building is bigger than his house! Jeff has got 55.000 cans but he is still collecting. “I love British cans,” he tells us. There are still lots that he hasn’t got. “Finding them and collecting them is really exciting!” By the way, there isn’t any beer in the cans. Jeff buys them empty because he doesn’t drink beer.


She’s bananas

Agnie Knox’s collection doesn’t take a lot of space. In facts, she keeps her collection of more than 400 banana labels in the bedroom. “I stick them on my wardrobe doors, on my bed, behind the door – anywhere I like!” Agnie collected her first label from her favourite fruit when she was 12 years old. “When I go abroad, I don’t buy normal souvenirs like magnets or cups, I buy and eat bananas!”



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