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School life and clubs for students


Tonya, Elsa and Mark are students at LaGuardia High School in New York City. Its a school with regular academic classes, but it also specializes in the performing arts. Tonya likes dancing, Elsa wants to be an artist and Mark is a singer. The students are all 15, and theyre in 10th grade. They study subjects like English, math, social studies, science, health and PE. They also choose a foreign language: French, Italian, Spanish or Japanese. Students have many academic classes, but during the school day they also take classes in the arts, like theater, art, dance and music. Mark says, I get the basic classes, but I also take a voice class and a music history class. There is even more for LaGuardia students after school. There are more than 40 clubs for students. For example, theres a movie club, a knitting club and an environment club. We have so many choices here, says Tonya. My favorite club is the camera club. I like taking photos and learning about photography. Its also a great way to meet people with common interests. Students at LaGuardia can also do many sports. For example, they can play basketball, tennis, volleyball and soccer. Elsa is on the gymnastics team. She says, I like being on a team. It makes me work hard and do my best. Students practice after school. They compete against other high schools. Mark says, At school, I study by myself. Im a singer, and I do that alone, too. Thats why I like playing on the basketball team. We work together and compete against other teams. LaGuardia offers many great classes, clubs and sports for students. Students at LaGuardia get a good education, and they also develop their own interests. Many LaGuardia students become dancers, singers and actors!


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