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Likes and dislikes


1. Expressing Likes

I love chocolate. I love playing football. I love .

I like animals. I like dancing. I like .

*I fancy you. I fancy reading. I fancy .

I enjoy foreign films. I enjoy running. I enjoy .

I'm crazy about Beck. I'm crazy about skiing. I'm crazy about .

I'm mad about Brad Pitt. I'm mad about singing. I'm mad about .

*I'm keen on John. I'm keen on swimming. I'm keen on .

*I'm fond of her. I'm fond of cycling. I'm fond of .

is my favorite movie / actor / singer / book, etc.

looks / sounds / smells / tastes / feels good.


2. Expressing Dislikes


I hate spiders. I hate writing essays. I hate .

I don't like spinach. I don't like being cold. I don't like .

*I don't fancy her. I don't fancy playing cards. I don't fancy .

I canít stand smoke. I can't stand being late. I can't stand .

I can't bear lazy people. I can't bear eating onions. I can't bear .

I can't put up with Mike. I can't put up with lying. I can't put up with .

Iím fed up with Jill. I'm fed up with wasting money. I'm fed up with .

Iím sick of homework. I'm sick of going to the movies. I'm sick of .

Iím tired of vegetables. I'm tired of being sick. I'm tired of .

really bugs me.

makes me mad / angry.

drives me crazy.

annoys me.


3. Expressing Indifference


Do you mind if I open the window? I don't mind.

Does it bother you if I smoke? It doesn't bother me.

Do you want to go here or there? It doesn't matter to me.

Which movie should we watch? It makes no difference to me.

Which book do you like more? It's all the same to me.

What do you want for dinner? I don't care.

Do you want this one or that one? I couldn't care less.



Say about yourself. What do you like or donít like using the phrases above:


∑ Playing sports ∑ Drawing ∑ Camping, Hiking ∑ Painting ∑ Fishing ∑ Taking care of people ∑ Hunting ∑ Babysitting ∑ Swimming ∑ Going to church ∑ Bicycling ∑ Belonging to a club ∑ Horseback riding ∑ Collecting things ∑ Skiing ∑ Visiting friends ∑ Keeping pets ∑ Sleeping ∑ Working in a team ∑ Writing tests ∑ Being sick ∑ Vacuum cleaning ∑ Watching horror movies ∑ Taking pictures ∑ Reading newspapers   ∑ Taking care of animals ∑ Eating ∑ Gardening ∑ Using a Computer ∑ Playing Video Games ∑ Cooking ∑ Woodworking ∑ Sewing ∑ Beauty and hair care ∑ Knitting ∑ Listening to music ∑ Reading ∑ Waking up early in the morning ∑ Writing songs, stories, poems ∑ Photography ∑ Watching TV or movies ∑ Playing musical instrument ∑ Driving a car ∑ Fixing cars ∑ Washing dishes ∑ Going to a dentist ∑ Making new friends ∑ Being alone ∑ Sunbathing   Being



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