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Exercise 16. Choose the right variant.

1. She looks bad. She should (be/have been) more careful about her health. 2. You shouldn't (miss/have missed) the chance. It was a brilliant opportunity for you. 3.1 think the policeman was right. She shouldn't (exceed/have exceeded) the speed. 4.1 ought to (bring/ have taken) the opera glasses. Now I see nothing. 5. It seems to me that he is a hot-temper person and often flies into a rage because of mere trifles. He should (control/ have controlled) his temper. 6. They should (clear/have cleared) up the problem long time ago. 7.1 ought not (to stay/have stayed) there long. The party was a failure. 8. You should (shave/have shaved) this beard of yours!

9. She should (be/have been) more attentive. Didn't she see a car on the right? 10. It's a secret. You ought not to (reveal/have revealed) it to anybody.

Exercise 17. Translate into English using modal verbs.

1. Тебе следовало позвонить ему вчера. 2. Ему не следовало говорить с ней таким тоном (tone). Его тон, должно быть, и обидел (hurt) ее. 3. Это должно было произойти. Всем известна его забывчивость (forgetfulness). 4. Она должна была выяснить все до того, как начинать работу. Теперь ей нужно многое переделы­вать. 5. Ей следовало принести все документы давным-давно. Теперь слишком поздно. 6. Детям нельзя смот­реть фильмы ужасов, 7. Мне их проводить (see off)? — Нет, не нужно. Мне придется сделать это самому, 8. В чужой стране необходимо приспосабливаться (adapt oneself) к новым условиям жизни, 9. Зря ты купил это пальто. 10. Мы, должно быть, не заметили его в этой толпе (crowd). 11 „Нам не надо было спешить, поэтому мы решили пойти пешком. 12. Почему я дол­жен это делать?


Exercise 18. Choose the right variant.

1. He says I (mustn't/needn't) do it. He has already done it. 2. You (needn't/mustn't) carry your driving license with you. 3.1 can show my student's card, and I (mustn't/needn't) pay to get in. 4. I've hurt my knee and the doctor says I (mustn't/needn't) play football for two weeks. 5. Copies (needn't/mustn't) be done without permission. 6. He is a very discreet person, you (needn't/ mustn't) be afraid of telling him anything. 7. He (needn't/mustn't) be said twice. 8. You (needn't/mustn't) answer the question if you don't want to. 9. It's a non­smoking carriage. You (needn't/mustn't) smoke here. 10. She (needn't/mustn't) go to bed so late. Has she forgotten the doctor's instructions?

Exercise 19. Open the brackets and fill in the blanks with either didn't need (to) or needn't have (done).

1. You___ (go) into so many details. The report was too long. 2, She got up late because she was alone and she____(cook) breakfast for the whole family. 3. We ___(hurry): she wasn't ready yet. 4. He___(return) to the office so he took a taxi and went home. 5.1___ (take) a bus because Martin gave me a lift. 6. We___ (come) so early. Now we must wait. 7. She___(go) shopping so she went straight home. 8. You___(make) this remark, I am sure he felt hurt. 9. She was on holiday and she___(wake up) early. 10. He___(spend) so much money. Does he remember that he's got children?

Exercise 20. Translate into English using the verb ‘need’.

1. Зря ты сказал Майку об этом. 2, Его не надо об этом спрашивать. 3. Мне нужна ваша помощь. 4. Зря ты учил текст наизусть (by heart); учитель его не спрашивал. 5. Вечером температура упала, и он ре­шил, что ему не нужно идти к врачу. 6. Разве ты не видишь, что ему надо подстричься? 7. Зря он отка­зался от приглашения. 8. Вы купили машину толь­ко год назад. Неужели ее надо красить? 9. Мне нуж­но наладить (fix) компьютер. 10. Джону не надо было ехать в Лондон, и он решил провести выходные в Брайтоне.

Exercise 21. RIGHT / WRONG – modal verbs. Find the mistake and correct it:

1. Fred doesn’t go to school so he has not to get up so early.

2. It’s very unlikely, but he might be prepared to help you.

3. You’d better to do as the doctor says and take the medicine.

4. Horses can sleeping standing.

5. Could you light a fire yourself when you were seven?

6. You shouldn’t eat all food at once.

7. You can to buy only second-hand books in that shop.

8. They want have to go there next week.

9. All drivers of cars should wear seat belts. Seat belts make driving much safer.

10. You needn’t to wait for me.

11. You may eat your supper so quickly. Do you want to get a stomach ache?

12. Cactus plants needn’t much water. That’s why they cannot grow in the dry desert.

13. You shouldn’t to try to crack nuts with your teeth.

14. We would rather you cooked dinner for us.

Exercise 22. Right/Wrong – modal verbs. Find the mistake and correct it:

1. You should have take part in that amateur performance.

2. You needn’t have paid you debt so soon. I don’t need this money so urgently.

3. Now will you please show me the office where am I to work.

4. I don’t have to attended all the lectures on history.

5. Dorian shook his head. “You must not ask me about that”.

6. Perhaps she was busy yesterday and couldn’t finish the task in time.

7. You might have gone by the side door: you boots are muddy.

8. These words were unexpected for me, so what could I to do?

9. You could has said at least that you didn’t agree with them. You are his brother.

10. I know I ought to help my sister about the house.

11. It’s dark. We’d better to switch on the light.

12. I’d rather have coffee than tea.

13. We would sooner had stayed at home that might.

14. I’d rather you had been present.

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