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Define the level of your self-assessment

  Questions     Answer
    Very often Often Some-times Seldom Never
I`m often nervous in vain
I`d like my friends encourage me
I avoid looking awkward
I worry about my future
Other`s outlook is better, than mine
Unfortunately, many people don`t understand me
I feel I can`t speak with people in a right way
People expect too much from me
I`m shy
It seems to me I`ll fail
I worry what people think of me
I feel others talk about me behind my back
I don`t feel safety
I haven`t got a person I can share my opinions with
People are not interested in my achievements


Answering the questions of the test, indicate, how often you experience the following conditions according to the scale: very often - 4 points, often - 3 points,

sometimes - 2 points, seldom -1 point, never- 0 points.



Sum up the points you`ve got. If the sum is:


Over 30 – you underestimate yourself

Less than 10 – stop being ignorant, selfish and face the fact that you are the reason of all conflicts

From 10 to 30 – it means you`ve reached the psychological maturity which can be recognized in adequate self-assessment of your possibilities.

How do you defend yourself from stress?


Answering the questions of the test, point out how often you are in the following conditions. Remember: the more sincere answers are the more objective the results will be.



¹ Questions Answer
  seldom some-times often
I think I’m underestimated in group
I try to work regardless of my health
I worry for the quality of my work
I can be aggressive
I don’t tolerate criticism to my address
I can be irritated
I try to be a leader if it’s possible
I am considered to be persistent and assertive person
Insomnia troubles me
I lack the time to rest
I react emotionally and badly to the nuisances
Conflict are appeared with me
I haven’t enough power to actualize myself
I haven’t enough power to actualize myself
I haven’t enough time to engage in my favorite business
I do everything quickly
I feel I am afraid I won’t enter the university (will lose my job)
I act rashly and then I worry for my proceedings and actions Sum up your points and define the level of your ability to endure stress



Level of your ability
Quantitative assessment Qualitative assessment Points  
very low
low 50-53
lower than normal 46-49
a little lower than normal 42-45
normal 38-41
a little higher than normal 34-37
higher than normal 30-33
high 26-29
very high 22-25

The less points you’ve got, the higher is your ability to endure stress. If you have the first or the second level of enduring the stress, you should change the way of your life.


Seminar 3. Sustainable and healthy food.


Purpose: Motivate the necessity of nutrition according to energy consumption.

Task: Compare real daily energy consumption with energy flow based on real ration and evaluate quality and safety of the food.


For this you have to do following calculations successively

a) Make daily routine and calculate daily energy consumption according to energy consumption of different kinds of energy

b) Write in real daily ration and calculate daily energy consumption basing on calorie content of food. Results write in table 2

c) Define real correlation between main nutrients – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, that must be as 1:2, 5:4, 6 according to the energetic value and 1:1:4,9 according to the mass

d) Determine food additives used in consumed foodstuff according to functional role

e) Calculate possible radionuclide flow with foodstuff according to permissible contents’ levels. Results write in table.

f) Propose a well – balanced diet of qualitative nutrition according to the individual energy consumption

g) Propose additional load according to the individual caloricity of food allowance.

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