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For some people flying is a terrifying experience. Surely, even those of us (0)who quite enjoy this form (1) ____ travel could never be convinced to jump out of an aeroplane 10,000 feet above the ground. However, this is what thousands of skydivers choose to do every day, and what’s more, some of them claim that everyone should (2) ____ it a try.

So do you (3) _____ rushing towards the ground at over one hundred and fifty kms an hour while relying on a square piece of cloth to (4) _____ you back to Earth safely?

If (5) ____, you have two options for your first jump. The first is to make a tandem jump, where you will be strapped (6) ____ an instructor and the two of you will make the jump together. However, the second option is usually (7) _____ if you are serious about taking (8) _____ the sport. Here you will go to ground school, (9) _____ you will learn how to safely get in and out of the plane, how to pack a parachute and how to steer it. Then you first jump will usually be a static line jump. You jump (10) _____ your own but your parachute opens automatically after a couple of seconds. Those might seem like the longest and scariest seconds of your life, (11) _____ the enthusiasts say it is all worth it for the incredible feeling you get when you see that the parachute open up above you, and the even (12) _____ amazing feeling of achievement that you get when you arrive safely back (13) _____ solid ground. It’s true that for most people one jump is never enough and before (14) _____ you won’t think there is anything strange about spending all your spare money and free weekends paying to (15) ______ the chance to jump just one more time.


A whom A of A make A think A put A only A to A advised A along A while A by A despite A more A at A many A have B which B for B give B expect B turn B not B by B recommended B down B after B on B furthermore B better B to B long B do C what C to C have C want C bring C this C with C wanted C up C before C for C besides C though C on C much C make D who D by D go D fancy D give D so D up D expected D off D where D to D but D bigger D in D far D give




14 Your teacher is going to organize a Balloon Debate.


Four people are flying high above the earth in a balloon. Unfortunately the balloon develops a tiny hole. In order to bring the balloon down safety three people have to be thrown overboard! All the people in the balloon represent either a sport or a hobby. Choose one of these and at home write a short speech – about 50 words – saying why you think your choice of sport/hobby should stay in the balloon. The class will vote on what should be thrown overboard. Begin your speech like this: “I think you should vote for me because I represent …”

Use the following structures to help you:

- Without … people can’t…

- This sport/hobby is good for you because …

- With the help of this …. people can ….

- I need people because …


15 Write an article about Joe Peterson. Use the notes in the table below.

Write about 100-120 words.


Then Now

flat/centre of Birmingham – HOME – large house/garden/countryside


long straight hair/thin/– APPEARANCE – good-looking/short hair

ripped jeans/T-shirt plump/expensive suits


junk food/fast food – EATING HABITS – steak/grilled fish/expensive

restaurants restaurants


football/parties – FREE-TIME ACTIVITIES – opera/theatre


Joe Peterson is Britain’s most successful writer. However, things were not always

for the boy from Birmingham.

Joe used to _______________________________________________________





Nowadays, Joe ____________________________________________________





Joe’s life has changed a lot since those days in Birmingham. ‘I enjoy my success

and I’m very lucky to lead the life I do today,’ he says.




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