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1 Read the text. The people below all want to go to the cinema. There are

eight descriptions of films. Decide which film (A-H) would be the most

suitable for each person or people (1-5).


1 _____ Jo is studying art at university. She usually goes to the cinema on Friday evening. She enjoys films that are based on real life and from which she can learn something.


2 _____ Sheila has decided to take her mother to the cinema for her birthday. They both like stories that have happy endings.


3 ______Brian is a hard-working medical student. He doesn’t have very much free time, but he likes going to the cinema to relax, and enjoys a good laugh.


4 _____ Adam wants to take his 8-year old son Mark to the cinema at the weekend. They want to see a film with plenty of excitement.


5 ______ Harry and Joyce go to the cinema about twice a month. They particularly like detective stories and do not pay much attention to which actors are in the film.


2 Dame Judi Dench earns her living as an actress. Read what she says about herself and her life.


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