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Fill in do, go, play.


1 to ______ darts 7 to _______ weightlifting

2 to ______ swimming 8 to _______ snooker

3 to ______ archery 9 to _______ running

4 to ______ tennis 10 to ______ fishing

5 to ______ skiing 11 to ______ rugby

6 to ______ photography 12 to ______ exercises


8 Fill in the gaps with the correct words derived from the words in bold

as in the example in the first sentence.


1 Many people look forward to their retirement after years of working hard. retire
2 Emily has a very good _________________, so she’s good at writing stories. imagine
3 John has a _______________ for sweet foods, but he doesn’t eat them too often. prefer
4 Tania has an amazing ________________ of stamps from all over the world. collect
5 The ______________ of his article in the newspaper made Peter feel very proud. include
6 A special _______________ by a famous actor will be made at the club tonight. appear
7 The horse’s ________________ to jump the last fence meant that it lost the race. refuse
8 The doctor gave me a _______________ for some tablets. prescribe


USED TO   We use used to + infinitive to refer to past habits or states. In such cases used to can be replaced by the past simple with no change in meaning. I used to like jazz but now I like rock. I used to go to jazz clubs every week. We do not need to use a time expression with used to. In the above examples we can also use the Past Simple in the time expression. I liked jazz when I was younger but now I like rock. I went to jazz clubs when I was at college. We cannot use used to when something happened only once: I went to a rock concert last night. (NOT used to go)  


9 a We cannot use used to + base form in four of these sentences. Tick

the sentences that are not correct.


1 Last week I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes. ____

2 I didn’t use to exercise, but now I exercise every day. ____

3 I bought an old car. I used to pay 50 pounds for it. ____

4 When my daughter was a baby she didn’t use to sleep very much. ____

5 We used to get out first TV when I was twelve. ____

6 I’m tired, and I used to sleep for ten hours last night. ____


b Correct the sentences.

1 ________________________________________________________

2 ________________________________________________________

3 ________________________________________________________

4 ________________________________________________________


10 Choose the correct variant A, B, or C.


1 I ___ exercise but now I go running every morning before work.

A don’t use to B used to C didn’t use to

2 Yesterday I ___ up at 8 o’clock.

A used to wake B woke C didn’t use to wake

3 You need mask, flippers and oxygen tank to take up ___ .

A scuba-diving B paragliding C rafting

4 You should be ___ and fit for rafting.

A patient B cooperative C impatient

5 The ___ is a special sport event for disabled people.

A Olympic Games B The World Cup C Paralympics

6 Rafting, sky-diving and ___ are all extreme sports.

A football B paragliding C cricket

7 There are some necessary ___ for those who enjoy winter walking.

A precautions B things C food


11 Rewrite the sentences according to the example.


Example: I don’t work on Saturdays. – I used to work on Saturdays last year / when I was young.


1 I never take a taxi to go to work.


2 I hardly ever watch TV now.


3 People do not very often go to the cinema today.


4 She is old and sick.


5 She has few old close friends.


6 He doesn’t read any papers.


7 He is always late for work.



8 My brother doesn’t come home until 11.


9 The place is so nice and clean!


10 She is so pretty and attractive.


11 London is one of the biggest cities in the world.


12 There is a big supermarket near our house.



12 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.


1 ‘I find it hard to get up early.

‘You _____ to getting up early once you start working.’

A are used B will get used C were used

2 ‘Do you often exercise now?’

‘No, but I _____ to exercise a lot when I was at school.’

A used B will get used C am used

3 ‘Aren’t you bothered by all that noise?’

‘No, we _____ to noise. We live in the city centre.’

A were used B will get used C are used

4 ‘Does your sister travel a lot?’

‘No, but she _____ to before she got married.’

A didn’t use B used C wasn’t used

5 ‘I don’t like wearing a suit every day.’

‘Don’t worry, you _____ to it very soon.’

A are used B will get used C were used


6 ‘Sandra _____ to using a computer, but now she enjoys it.’

‘It’s a lot easier for her now.’

A isn’t used B will get used C wasn’t used

7 ‘Do you remember the things we _____ to do when we were kids?’

‘Of course I do. How could I forget what fun we had!’

A used B were used C got used

8 ‘Do you like living in the city?’

‘Well, I _____ to it yet, but it’s okay.’

A am not used B wasn’t used C am used


13 Read the text below, then circle the answer A, B, C or which best fits the space. There is an example (0) at the beginning.


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