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General classification of syntactical expressive means and stylistic devices

Syntactical expressive means and stylistic devices (Supra-phrasal units, Paragraph) 1.Supra-phrasal units 2.The paragraph (they deal with the composition of utterance larger than the sentence) 3.Stylistic inversion 4.Detached construction (they deal with compositional patterns of syntactical arrangement)

Within the language as a system, there establish themselves definite types of relations between words, word combinations, sentences and also between larger spends of utterances. The brunch of language science that studies the type of relations between the units enumerated is called syntax.

Supra-phrasal units (SPUs) It generally comprises (вкл) a number of sentences independent by means of pronouns, connectives, tense forms and semantically (one definite thought is dealt with).. So a supra-phrasal unit may be defined as a combination of sentences presenting a structural and semantic unity and backed up (усил) by rhythm and melodic unity. Such a span of utterance is also characterized by the fact that it can be extracted from the context without losing its relative semantic independence. The principles to single out the supra-phrasal unit: l. Coherence 2. Interdependence of the elements 3. One definite idea 4.The purport of the writer (to make the desired impact on the reader)

The paragraph is a graphical term used to name a group of sentences marked off by the indentation (отступ) at the beginning and a break in the line at the end. It's also marked off by purely linguistic means: intonation, pauses, semantic ties. the more difficult is to follow the purpose of the writer. In newspaper style however, most paragraphs consist of 2-3 sentences. Paragraphs are classified from the point of view of the logical sequence of the sentence. Models of paragraphs: l. From the general to the part or vice versa 2.From cause to effect and vice versa 3.Based on contrast or comparison. A paragraph generally has a topic sentence which embodies the main idea. It may be placed at the beginning, end, in the belles-lettres style it may be placed anywhere.



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