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Figure 14. The Fifth Table of Saturn.

I, N. N., order, command and conjure Thee Sazlij, by Agios, Sedul, by Sother, Veduij, by Sabaot, Soze,2 Amonzion * Adoij by Heloim, Jaho, by the Veritas Jehovah * Kawa, by Alha, natos that ye must appear before me in a human form, so truly as Daniel over­came and conquered Baal. F. f. f.3
2. EE: Sove.   3. "F. f. f": "Fiat. Fiat. Fiat."
The Spirits of the Fifth Table of Saturn will serve in everything according to wish; their Table will bring good luck in play.     Figure 15. The Sixth Table of Jupiter.  
I conjure thee, Spirit Ofel, by Alpha et Omega, Lezo and Yschirios * Ohin Ission * Niva, by Tetragrammaton, Zeno, by Peraclitus * Ohel, by Orienius,4 Lima, by Agla, * that ye will obey and appear before me and fulfill my desire, thus in and through the name Elion, which Moses named. F. f. f.
4. EE: Orlenius.
The Sixth Table of Jupiter assists in overcoming suits at law, dispute, and at play, and their spirits are at all times ready to render assistance. Figure 16. The Seventh Table of the Spirits of Mars.  
I, N. N., cite Thee, Spirit Emol, by Deus Sachnaton * Luil, by Acumea * Luija,5 by Ambriel * Tijlaij, by Ehos * Jeha, by Zora * Ageh, by Awoth * that you appear before me in a beautiful, hu­man form, and accomplish my desire, thus truly in and through the anepobeijaron, which Aaron heard and which was prepared for him. F. f. f.
5. EE: Luiji.
The Seventh Seal of Mars brings good fortune, in case of quarrels. The Spirits of Mars will help you. Figure 17. The Eighth Table of the Spirits of the Sun.  
I, N. N., conjure Thee, Wijch6 by Dalia † Jka, by Doluth * Auet, by Dilu * Veal, by Anub † Meho, by Igfa * Ymij by Eloij * that ye appear before my so true Zebaoth, who was named by Moses,7 and all the rivers in Egypt were turned into blood.
6. EE: Wrjch.   7. S: Daß Ihr vor mir erscheinet also wahr Zebaoth, welchen Mosis ....
The Eighth Table of the Spirits of the Sun will help to attain places of honor, wealth, and they also give gold and treasure.     Figure 18. The Ninth Table of the Spirits of Venus.  
Reta, Kijmah, Yamb, Yheloruvesopijhael, I call upon thee, Spirit Awal,8 through God Tetragrammaton, Uhal, by Pomamiach † that you will obey my commands and fulfill my desires: Thus truly in and through the name of Esercheije, which Moses named, and upon which followed hail, the like of which was not known since the beginning of the world, f. f. f.
8. EE: Awel.
The Ninth Table of the Spirits of Venus makes one beloved in all respects and makes known secrets through dreams. Its spirits also assist liberally in all kinds of business.     Figure 19. The Tenth Table of the Spirits of Mercury.  
Petasa, Ahor, Havaashar. N. N. cite Thee Spirit Yloij * through God, God Adonaij † Ymah, through God Tetragrammaton † Rawa, through God Emanuel * Ahaij, through Athanatos † that Thou appear before as truly in and through the name of Adonai, which Moses mentioned, and there appeared grasshoppers. Fiat, fiat, fiat.


The Tenth Table of the Spirits of Mercury give wealth in chemistry. These spirits contribute treasures of the mine.

Figure 20. The Eleventh Table of Spirits [of the Moon].9 9. S omits this section heading. The EE reads "The Eleventh Table of Spirits", but the Moon is probably intended, as it is the only one of the 7 traditional planets not included elsewhere.
I, N. N., cite thee, Spirit Yhaij, by El, Yvaij, by Elohim, Ileh, by Elho * Kijlij Mijl,9 by Zebaoth, Taijn Iseij, by Tetragrammaton, Jeha, by Zadaij * Ahel, by Agla, that you will obey my orders, as truly in and through the name Schemesumatie, upon which Joshua called, and the sun stood still in its course. Fiat, f. f. f.
9. EE: Elho * Kijlij.
The Eleventh Table (See Fig. 20) gives luck and fortune; its Spirits give the treasures of the sea.     Figure 21. The Twelfth Table of Schemhamforasch. On all Spirits of the Magia Alba et Nigra.  
I, N. N., cite and conjure thee, Spirit of Schemhamforasch, by all the seventy-two holy names of God, that Thou appear before me and fulfill my desire, as truly in and. through the name Emanuel, which the three youths Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego10 sung in the fiery furnace from which they were released.11 F. f. f.
10. S, EE: "Sadrach, Mijsach und Abed-negro"; "Sadrach, Mijsach, and Abed-negro" These three biblical personalities are mentioned frequently in magical texts, including the Key of Solomon, Lesser Key of Solomon, Heptameron, and Verus Jesuitarum Libellus.   11. Dan. 3:12-30.
This Twelfth Table, laid upon the Table or Seal of the Spirits, will compel them to appear immediately, and to serve in all things.   The General Citation. Necromantia, Seu Magia Alba et Nigra Translated ex Thora XXta Bibl. Arcan. Aba, Jehovah, Agla, Aschaij, Chad, Yah, Saddaij, Vedreh, Aschre, Noosedu, Zawa, Agla. Here utter the names of the Angels of the Seal or Table, and their proper names.  
Eheije, Aijscher, Eheije,12 Weatta, Eloheij, Harenij, Yechuateche, Hagedola, Merof, Zaroteij, Agla, Pedenij, Zije, Kotecha, Barach, Amijm, Gedolijm, Verachena, Aleij, Weijazijlotij,13 Mijkol, Zara, Umikol, Ra, Schadaij, Jehovah, Adonai, Zeboath, Yah,14 Elohim, Yeasch, Jepfila, Vaij, Bearechet, Vaij, Yomar, Ahaha, Elohim, Ascher, Hithalleij, Chuabotheij, Lepha, Vaij, Yehuel. 12. EE: Eneije.   13. EE: Weijazijloti.   14. EE: Zah.
Here stop for a short time in prayer to God. Surrender yourself into the will of Almighty God; He will conduct your undertaking to your best interest. Hereupon take again the Seal or the Table written on parchment, in your hand, and begin anew the citation above. Should your desire still remain unfulfilled, continue as follows:  
Hamneijs, Hakha, Elohim, Horro, Heotij, Meo, Dij, Adhaijijon, Hazze, Hamalach, Haggo, Elohij, Mijcol, Rhab, Yeba, Reeh,15 Elhaneah, Tijmneik, Ka, Rebe, Hem, Schemne,16 Schembotaij, Veischak, Vegid, Gulaooc, Kereb,17 Haarez, Jeha. 15. EE: Rech.   16. EE: Sohemne.   17. EE: Kered.
Since the effects and appearances will now fol­low, your wishes are fulfilled, otherwise repeat the Citation toties quoties.18 18. toties quoties: as often as (desired).
Figure 22. The Magical Operation is made within this Circle.19  
19. Oriens, Meridies, Occidens, Septentrio: East, South, West, North.
  The Ministering Familiars or Mysteries ARE THE FOLLOWING:  
Astarte, Salomonis familiarum III. Regum. Spirit of Water; Spirit of Air; Spirit of Earth. Asteroth20 in Palastina familiari. Schaddaij, Driffon, Agrippa, Magaripp. Azijelzm, Sinna, familiarus, IV. Buch Regum.21 Schijwin * Aimeh, Chanije, Cijbor. Bealherith ijud Judicum IX, XIII.22 Adola, Eloheij, Umijchob Channanijah. Adramelech zu Sepharvaijm, Familiaris. Yhaij, Vvaij, Yles, Kijgij. Nisroch, Regis Serucheril Assijris familiaris. Jehuel, Sarwiel, Urikon, Thoaijl.23 Asijma, virorum Emach familiaris. Barechel, Jomar, Ascher, Uwula.
20. EE: Astoreth.   21. III Regum and IV Buch Regum refer to the Third and Fourth books of Kings, which chronicle Solomon's reign.   22. Judicum: Book of Judges. The 9th chapter recounts the reign of Abimelech, while chapter 13 recounts the birth of Samson.   23. EE: Thoijil.
These must be cited by the Twelfth Table at the time of an Eclipse by the Sun or Moon. This Moloch familiarum or Ammonitarium Ministering Spirits the following Generation-Seal for all services caracteristico obedientiale. Figure 23. [The Generation Seal]   This seal, at the time of citation, must be written on parchment and be held in the right hand. But it must not be read. End of the Seventh Book of Moses.    
  I.   FORMULAS   of the   MAGICAL KABBALAH;   or, THE MAGICAL ART   of the   SIXTH AND SEVENTH BOOKS OF MOSES,1   together with   AN EXTRACT   FROM THE GENUINE AND TRUE   Clavicula Salomonis Regis Israeli.2   Weimar 1505.
1. So S; EE reads "Volume II of the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses - Formulas of the Magical Kabala," etc.   2. I.e. The Key of Solomon, King of Israel. EE: Clavicula of Solomon the King of Israel.
  NOTE for the FRIENDS OF THE MAGICAL KABBALAH. The Citation-Formulas contained in this book must only be pronounced in the Hebrew language, and in no other. — In any other language they have no power whatever, and the Master can never be sure of his cause. For all these words and forms were thus pronounced by the Great Spirit and have power only in the Hebrew Language. Excerpt from the Magical Kabbalah of the SIXTH AND SEVENTH BOOKS OF MOSES.     Figure 24. BREASTPLATE OF MOSES. These Hebrew words are pronounced as follows:  
Jehova, aser Eheje Cether Elion3 Eheje. 3. EE: Eleion. Needless to say, this does not correspond with the Hebrew letters in the drawing.
The Most High, whom no eye hath seen, nor tongue spoke; the Spirit, which did great acts and performed great wonders.   This Breastplate and Helmet pronounced mean Holiness. Figure 25. HELMET OF MOSES AND AARON. Hiebel mare actitas barne donene ariaerch. These are the names which the old Egyptians used instead of the un­utterable name of Asser Criel, and are called "The Fire of God," and "Strong Rock of Faith." Whoever wears them on his person, on a gold plate, will not die a sudden death. Figure 26. BREASTPLATE OF AARON. Sadajai amara elon hejiana vananel phenaton ebcoel merai.  
That is, a Prince of Miens,4 the other leads to Jehova. Through this God spake to Moses. 4. S: "Ein Fürst der Angesichter" (a Prince of Faces). This is the equivalent to the Hebrew "Sar ha-Panim." This is a title usually given to the angel Metatron.
  Figure 27. MAGICAL LAW OF MOSES. Aila himel adonaij amara Zebaoth cadas yeseraije haralius. These words are terrible, and will assemble devils or spirits, or they will cause the dead to appear. Figure 28. THE INSCRIPTION ON THE VESSEL OF THE HOLY SHRINE.5  
5. I.e. the Ark of the Covenant. See below. S: "Die Umschrift auf dem Kelch des Heiligthums" ("The inscription on the vessel of the holy shrine/relic.") EE: "The inscription on the chalice of holiness." Dreimal heilig: Thrice holy. Also seen as Lat. "Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus", Heb. "Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh." From Isaiah 6:3.
Eliaon joena ebreel eloijela aijel agoni sochadon. These words are great and mighty. They are names of the Creator and the characters on the Ark of the Covenant. Figure 29. CONJURATION OF ELEAZAR, THE SON OF AARON.  
Uniel dilatan Sadai paneim usamigaras caliphos sasna panesoim6 Jalaph. 6. EE: panoi soim.
These names, if anyone desires to accomplish anything through the four elements or any other things connected therewith, will prove effective, but they cannot be translated into English.   Figure 30. DISMISSION OF ELEAZAR, AARON'S SON.  
Leay yli Ziarite zelohabe et negoramy Zien latebm dama mecha rameti aziri.7 7. EE: ra meti ozira.
Through this dismission all things dissolve into nothing. Figure 31. CITATION OF GERMUTHSAI, OR LEVIATHAN. Lagumen Emanuel therefori mechelag laigel yazi Zazael. With these names Eleazar bound and unbound the spirits of the air. Figure 32. DISMISSION OF LEVIATHAN. Malcoh, Sadaij, cubor Damabiah menkie lejabel maniah ijejavai. That is: Strong, mighty spirit of hell, go back into thine works, in the name of Jehova. Figure 33. BALAAM'S SORCERY. Meloch, hel alokim tiphret hod jesath. This brings vengeance upon enemies, and must not be disregarded, because it contains the names of the Seven Tables of the Ark of the Covenant.  
Figure 34. EGYPT 8 8. I.e. Moses' confrontation with the Egyptian sorcerers. Compare also with alternate versions of this text below where this is given as "Egitgim" and "EGIFGIM".
Tanabtain ainaten pagnij aijolo asnia hichaifale matae habona9 hijcero. 9. EE: habonr.
With these words Moses spake to the sorcerers in Egypt. They signify: "the Lord appeared to his servant in the fire, to seal the world in its four quarters, and the underworld. Figure 35. CONJURATION OF THE LAWS OF MOSES.  
Aijcon dunsanas pethanir thrijgnir ijon cijna nater lavas10 pistoin. 10. EE: lavis.
If you wish to pronounce these words you must fast three days, and you can perform wonders therewith. They cannot be translated on account of the Hebrew characters. Figure 36. GENERAL CITATION OF MOSES ON ALL SPIRITS.  
Elion goena adonaij cadas ebreel, eloij ela agiel, aijoni sachadon, essuselas Elohim, delijon jau elijnla, delia jari Zazael Palieman Umiel, onala dilatum Sadatj, alma Jod Jael Thama.11 11. EE: Elion goeua adonaij cadas ebreel, eloil ela agiel, aijoni sachadon, essuselas Elohim, deliion jau elijula, delia jari Zazael Paliemao Umiel, onala dilatum Sadati, alma Jod Jael Thama.
This citation is great and mighty; they are the names of the Creator, and the names of the two Cherubim on the Mercy-seat, Zarall andJael. Figure 37. DISMISSION OF MOSES.  
Kaszedim bachanda nezahhad Jehod Elohim asser eheie Zalim.12 12. EE: Waszedim bachanda hezanhad Jehov Elohim asser ehoie Zalim.
Ahezeraije comitejon Sede leji thomos Sasmagata bij ul ijcos Joua Eloij Zawaijm.13 13. Compare with passage given in the SEMIPHORAS and SCHEMHAMPHORAS section below: "Comiteijon, sede aij, throtomos, sasmagata bij vl ijcos"
These are the high and powerful utterances which Moses employed in the awakening of the Leviathan, in order to compel him to serve his Lord. The first cannot be uttered and was used by the first inhabitants of earth as a mighty Lord. The whole is good, but not every one can obtain it in perfection without severe discipline. Figure 39. CHARACTERS on the left side of the Ark of the Covenant of the Most High. Figure 40. CHARACTERS ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Hear, oh, Israel, the Lord our God is God alone. Figure 41. CONJURED SPIRIT APPEARS IN A PILLAR OF FIRE.  
Maja affabij Zien, Jeramije Latabi damajesano noij lijoij Leaij glij ijre Eijloij liecle loate Eli Eli mecharamethij rijbisas sa fu aziri14 reacha. 14. EE: azira.
The Citation names the twelve evil spirits of man, through the help of the Father, or the Hebrew Eli; it is terrible. Figure 42. THE SPIRIT APPEARS IN A PILLAR OF CLOUD. <="" div="">  
Kahai conor anuhec Zelohae vole15 hebei ede nego raneij hahabe gizaon. 15. EE: zole.
  Appendix to the General Citation of Moses on all Spirits. We, N. N., in this circle, conjure and cite this spirit Fatenovenia, with all his adherents, to appear here inthis spot, to fulfill our desires, in the name of the three holy Angels, Schomajen Sheziem, Roknion Averam, Kandile, Brachat Chaijdalic, Ladabas, Labul, Raragil, Bencul, in the name of God. Amen! Figure 43. THREE NEW SIGNS WITH FROGS, LICE, AND PESTILENCE.  
Ablan, ageistan, Zoraten,16 Juran, nondieras portaephias pognij aizamai. 16. EE: Zoratan.
    Figure 44. THREE NEW SIGNS WITH CATTLE PLAGUE, BOILS, AND HAIL. Ararita Zaijn thanain, miorato raepi sathonik pethanit castas lucias calbera natur sigaim. Figure 45. GRASSHOPPERS AND DARKNESS.  
Hassaday hayloes, Lucasim elayn17 jacihaga, yoinino, sepactitas barne lud casty! 17. EE: elayh.
Baha18 cuci hiebu ziadhi elenehet na vena vie achya salna. The spirit which appears here is God himself. 18. EE: Baba.
Micrata raepi Sathonik pethanisch, pistan ijttinge hijgatign19 ijghizian temgarondusnia20 castas Lacias astas ijecon cijna caltera Caphas. 19. EE: hijgatijn   20. EE: temgaronusnia.
    Figure 48. MOSES CHANGES WATER INTO BLOOD. Aben agla manadel slop siehas malim hajath hajadosch ijonem, cedas ebreel amphia, demisrael muelle leagijns amaniha.  
Principal Citation on all Ministering Spirits of the Air and of Earth, the like of which Manasses and Solomon used as the true Key of Solomon, King of Israel.1 1. S: Schlüssel Salomonis Regis Israel; EE: Key of Salomonis Regis Israel.
bequeathed as a testament to all the wise Magicians, which all the old Fathers possessed and employed, to have and fulfill all things through the illustrious power of the mighty God Jehovah, as He, the great Monarch, gave to His creatures, who worship him day and night with reverence and in fear, who call loudly upon his name in secret, and sigh to him as their origin, as of him and from him existing reasonable beings, as on the point of being environed with the pains of the elements, who strive after the highest being to and with God. To these He has given this, who will not forget him in the pleasures of this world, who, still bearing suffering without forgetting the reality, nor the perishing luster of the world. You must stand upon a prominent rock, hold a palm-twig in your right hand, and wear a wreath of laurel around the temple. Then turn toward the East and say: Alija Laija Laumin Otheon! upon this a halo of light will surround you, and when you become sensi­ble of this light, then fall upon your knees and worship. Then say in an audible voice, slowly and distinctly:  
Figure 49. CITATION:3 3. EE omits this heading.
Eliam yoena adonai cadas4 ebreel eloyela agiel, ayoni5 sachadon ossuselas eloym de liomar elynla lelia yazi zazall palielman6 Unnel ovela dilatam Saday alma panaim alym canal densy usami yasas calipi calfas sasna saffa sadoja aglata pantomel amriel azien phanaton sarze penerion ya Emanuel Jod jalaph amphia than domirael alowin. 4. EE: cadus   5. EE: ayom   6. EE omits.
Figure 50. CHARACTERS.7  
7. EE: B A m n lazies ala phonfin agaloyes pyol paerteon theserym / [figure] basimel Jael barionia / [figure] apiolet cenet.
  II. BIBLIA Arcana Magica Alexander   ACCORDING TO THE Tradition of the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, BESIDES   MAGICAL LAWS. Ex Verbis Revelatis (II) Intellectui sigillatis verbis.   Nunc Apostolica † Consecratione de novo confirmata. Script. de Ellbio. ANNO MCCCLXXXIII.


[Figure 51.]


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