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Figure 11. The Second Table of the Spirits of Fire.

Figure 8. The Seal.

The most obedient Angels and Spirits of this Seal of the Seven Planets are the following: Ahaeb, Baneh, Yeschnath, Hoschiah, Betodah, Leykof, Yamdus, Zarenar, Sahon.

This Seal, when laid upon the treasure earth, or when placed within the works of a mine, will reveal all the precious contents of the mine. As the VII. Arcanorum.

End of the Sixth Book of Moses.


    THE Seventh Book of Moses   Figure 9.     TRANSLATED BY RABBI CHALEB. From the Weimar Bible


Figure 10. The First Table of the Spirits of the Air.


Jehovah Father Deus Schadday
Deus Adonay Elohe I cite Thee through Jehovah Eead I conjure thee through Adonay

To carry upon the person the First Table of the Spirits of the Air who are as quick to help as thought, will relieve the wearer from all neces­sity.

Figure 11. The Second Table of the Spirits of Fire.

Aha I conjure Thee, (Tetr.) Aha by Eheye * by Ihiros,1 Eheye, by Agla Aysch, Jehovah, conjure I Thee, that thou appear unto me.
1. EE: Ihros.
  Figure 12. The Third Table of the Spirits of the Water.    
  I call upon and command I conjure Thee Thee Chahanya Yeschaijah by by God Tetragrammaton Alpha et Omega Eloh and thou art compelled through Adonai.

The Third Table brings great fortune by water, and its spirits will amply supply the treasures of the deep.

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