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IC 2012 Study Tour Application Form


International Congress

2012 in Russia


AIESEC in Russia

IC 2012 Study Tour Application Form


Thank you for applying to host a Study Tour of AIESEC International Congress 2012 in Russia. This questionnaire is an opportunity for Local committees of AIESEC in Russia to promote themselves trough whole AIESEC network by inviting TOP management of AIESEC entities (MCPs, MCs and LCPs) from 110 countries.

It`s a good chance to increase the number of international internships and partners in LC. By organizing a Study Tour for 1000 potential ambassadors of Russia you have a unique product to sell. Your LC members can feel the international spirit and closeness of legendary event International congress 2012!


This application form is divided into 4 parts:

v Introduction,

v LC Reality,


IC Location: Moscow city IC Dates: 17 - 26 August, 2012  
General Questions,

v Study Tour Plan.


Application Process



It is the LCPs responsibility to ensure the application

form is completed and submitted on time. All applications

must be accompanied by the following;


Application form (in English, maximum 10 pages);

Curriculum Vitae for OCP (attached);

Budget (attached);

Example of company`s proposal for Study tour




Please e-mail the completed application form and

CVs to Egor Utkin at egor.utkin@aiesec.net.

The application form should have the subject:

LC Name Study Tour Application Form



Application Deadline: 1st of November, 2011,

at 23:59 (Moscow time).




Interviews will be conducted with the LCP and OCP (combined interview) to discuss and clarify the proposals, in the period of 1st of November 10th of November, 2011.

All LCPs and OCPs will be informed about their combined interview time at least 2 days in advance.

Announcement of LCs selected to host a Study Tour at IC launch during WeLead conference.


Selection Criteria

- Enthusiasm

- Skilled Team

- Effort put into the application

- Feasibility

- Financial Budget

- Study Tour Cost

- Quality of Study Tour Agenda



If you have any questions concerning the applications or the application process please contact Egor Utkin CC VP Special events egoor.utkin@aiesec.net.

1. Personal Information




1. Local Committee:


2. Name and Surname:


3. Telephone(s):


4. E-mail: Skype:




1. Name and Surname:


2. Nationality:


3. Date and place of birth:


4. Address:


5. Telephone(s):


6. E-mail: Skype:


7. Local Committee:


8. Current role in AIESEC: From: Until:


9. Languages and level:

Language Level (Native, Excellent A, Good B)


2. LC Reality

2.1 Please list the Meetings/Conferences/Events/Projects your LC is currently organizing or has organized in the last two years.


Year Meeting Location Regional, national Short Description


2.2 Please briefly describe your LCs current reality.


Please briefly describe your LCs current situation in terms of;


- Human Resources

- How many EB members, members and trainees are there currently in your LC?

- How many members do you have working in each area?

- How many members do you plan to recruit in March 2012?


- Finances

- How much profit / debt / reserves does your LC currently have?


- External Relations

- Which networking organizations are you active members of?

- Which companies do you have an active partnership with?

- Do you have any active partnerships with the media?


- Exchange

- Please give numerical details about your exchange results of raised and realized
at this term (2011-2012)



- Any other relevant information (optional)


* If you have decided to co-organise a Study Tour with another LC then please give details regarding the current reality of both LCs.

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