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Eligible Participants

· Youth workers and young people from rural areas

· Young people interested on the topics and objectives of this project



About your organization

Please bring information (printed information, leaflets, booklets, or any other relevant material, also electronic version to post in the blog page of the created network) about the main activities of your organization to share with other participants in the TC. There will be possibility of making a presentation about your organization to the other participants using a computer during the official program.


Financial and practical conditions of participation

The 70 % of travel expenses are reimbursed (on presentation of the relevant receipts).
Participants must choose the cheapest travel option.
Participants are expected to arrive on the 12th May and departure will be in the 19th May 2014.




Board and lodging for the duration of the project will be provided and paid for by the Organizers. The participants will share rooms according to gender. http://nurhotel.info.am/serviceseng.html


Enrolment fee

An enrolment fee is 25 ˆ per participants . This amount will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed for travel expenses which will be paid via bank transfer.



About Intercultural evening

During the SV there will be an intercultural evening when you will have the opportunity to share something about your culture with others. You are welcomed to bring specialties from your region or country: food (there will be no possibility to cook food at the hotel, but the possibility to heat food should be checked in advance with the Hosting organization contact person) and drinks for this evening.

Please bring a map, posters, postcards and leaflets to give a picture of where you come from.

Please note that, if you bring videos or computer presentations with you, there will be possibility show them during your presentation. You may bring CDs of music, modern or traditional, that you want to play during the intercultural and other evenings. Bringing with you different games to be used during informal moments is not forbidden!

Each organization needs to delegate participants.
Selection of participants can be done by the organization itself but our team can help as well.



Reimbursement of Travel Costs!

We will reimburse 70% of your travel costs according to the rules of YiA. We only can do this when we’ve got all your original tickets, boarding passes and invoices concerning your travel.

If you cannot provide us with the originals we will not be able to reimburse your travel costs! So please, make sure to bring all of them! The reimbursement will be made via bank transfer.

So if you plan to stay additional days in Armenia you need to cover the travel costs yourself.

The participation fee is 25 Eur.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us through our email mariamsv02@gmail.com




There will be 3 meals during the day.

So please let us know if you are allergic, if you are vegetarian, or if you are requiring a special diet due to religious reasons. Only when we know about this beforehand we can provide you your meals in a proper way! We asked you about this in the registration already, make sure you announced it to us !



needed for Turkish participants on the border. 3000 AMD (around 5 EURO) shall be paid on the border for 21 days. All other participants do not need visa to enter the Republic of Armenia.
The reimbursement of the ticket costs will be by bank transfer after receiving the original boarding passes.

Contact and Information

Mariam Sahakyan, Project Coordinator, mariamsv02@gmail.com +374 93 28 95 46


What to bring

v Spring - Summer Clothes.

v Medicines if you need.

v Musical instruments and other stuff – we will have free time to enjoy together.

v Alarm clock.

v Motivation and good mood.


Number of participants



Partner organization Number of participants Country
European Romanian Youth Development Association, Brasov, Romania
Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı, Istanbul, Turkey
ARTILT-D, Daugavpils, Latvia
Alternative V, Kyiv, Ukraine
Georgian Youth for Europe, Rustavi, Georgia
Asap Europe as soon as possible, Fasano (BR) , Italy
Civil Forum , Minsk, Belarus
Pewobe g GmbH in Frankfurt (Oder), Frankfurt (Oder), Germany



Name   Surname  
Country   Gender  
Email   Phone number  
Knowledge of English Fluent Good Basic
Organisation   Position in the organisation  
Organisation’s address  
Phone number/fax number  
Passport details  
Date of birth   Place of birth  
Date of issue   Date of expiry  
Full address   Authority  
Estimated travel costs   Vegetarian  
Special needs    
Please describe your previous experience with the topic of Conflict Transformation.  
What is your motivation to take part in this training course?  
What do you expect to gain from this training course?  
How are you going to use the skills gained during the training course?  



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