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Letís talk about Belarusian customs and traditions.

So many countries so many customs, an English proverb says. The combination of the words tradition & custom means a usual manner of doing something, of conduct passed on from generation to generation.

By comparing the customs and cultures of people from other countries, we can learn how others view the world and why they think the way they do. By understanding others, we can not only form deeper friendships with others but can also learn more about ourselves and our own culture.

Having a holiday is great fun in many ways. Firstly, people have a day off. Secondly, itís a variety and change from everyday routine. Every country has got its own national and religious holidays. In our country there are several public holidays that are observed nationwide and are official days off.

There are many traditions connected with such holiday as the New Year, Christmas and Easter. The preparation for these holidays starts long before they come. About a fortnight before the New Year the streets in our city are decorated with colourful lights, the shop windows display a wide choice of New Year decorations and Christmas gifts. Of course different people choose different ways of celebrating them. New Year is traditionally a family holiday with a New Year tree, plenty of delicious food, presents and good wishes. Some people either take part in festivals arranged in parks and squares or go to parties or restaurants.

Orthodox Christmas comes a week after the New Year and this week in Belarus is called Kalyady. During the Christmas week street festivals of all kinds take place in the cities and towns of Belarus. For religious people this holiday is of special meaning. So they go to churches and take part in different religious celebrations.

1. What can you tell me about your favourite holiday?

My favourite holidays are the New Year, Christmas and Easter. Though we are not a religious family and we donít go to church regularly, but we respect national traditions and my grandmother always dyes eggs red and makes Christmas cakes and Easter pies. These holidays are always connected with warm feeling and pleasant emotions.

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