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Lets talk about sport


Sport is a world of its own and it cant mean the same to everybody. Some people do amateur sports and some are professionals. Some people like one game and some like others. There are sports preferred by men and those preferred by women.

We say sport when we mean this physical activity generally and sport/sports when we mean a particular kind of sport. People who go in for sport are sportsmen and sportswomen or athletes. Other people who are important in sport are: a coach, an instructor, a judge or a referee (in games).

Sports are practiced indoors and outdoors. So there are indoor sports such as: boxing, wrestling, chess, basketball, swimming, ice skating. Outdoor sports are: downhill skiing, football, sailing, track and field athletics, tennis and others. Some of sports and games may be more popular than others. The popular games are: basketball, football, hockey, tennis. The popular sports are: boxing, ski jumping, judo. Less popular sports and games are: water polo, diving, archery, handball.

Professional sport is an exciting creative sphere of hard work and competition. Sport provides an opportunity for people to express themselves. It can provide a challenge () and can break down economic and social barriers. But sport is not just for participants; its for spectators too. Millions of people all over the world spend hours every week watching sports events on television, or at stadium. Of course, spectators particularly enjoy watching international matches and contests, and events such as the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup attract more and more spectators.

1. What do you do to keep fit?

For anyone who really wants to be healthy, fitness has become an integral part of their lives. A lot of health and fitness clubs, and public leisure centres that were created in many countries indicate the popularity of sports. Families can spend their holidays at huge indoor water parks. In such places everybody will have much fun.

Besides there are many other opportunities for keeping fit. First of all it is necessary to do exercises. People of different ages can design exercises that will fit them. Running, jumping, swimming, bending and stretching are among the most popular exercises. Many people prefer jogging, which is the cheapest and the most accessible sport. Walking is a very popular activity too.

In order to keep fit some people do aerobics or yoga; others prefer some kind of weight training in a gym. People can easily learn more about fitness through popular books and videos that are sold almost everywhere. Even moderate physical activity can protect against heart disease and strokes as well as improve general health and the quality of life. Everyone can benefit from being a little more active. Making small changes like using the stairs instead of the lift or walking or cycling instead of taking the bus can help people live a more active, healthier and enjoyable life.

As for me I try to follow all these recommendations and I have PE classes three times a week. I think its quite appropriate for me and helps me to be fit and healthy.

2. Some people think that sport is only for professional sportsmen and fans. What is your point of view?

A considerable ingredient of a healthy way of life is sport and exercising. Sports develop force, dexterity () and accuracy. Going in for sport helps us not only to preserve good physical health but also to breed up a strong character, to be better organized and better disciplined.

All kinds of sports are useful and healthy but it is not compulsory to go in for sports professionally. Doctors say that twenty minutes exercise three times a week is all you need to be fit. Regularly walking the dog around the block, raking leaves, going on short distances on foot, taking the stairs instead of elevators can be considered as exercising. The advantages of being fit are evident. Fitness reduces the risk of different diseases and illnesses, makes you feel healthier, more positive and optimistic, helps you to avoid obesity and gives you strength and energy so that you dont get tired easily.

But fitness comes not just from some exercises done now and then but from the way you live all the time. Good eating habits, regular sleeping habits, and plenty of fresh air are all important parts of the way to keep fit.

3. What questions will you ask a fitness coach?

- Have you got special programs for people who suffer from overweight?

- Do you advise to have special diets?

- How much time is it necessary so as to become fit?

4. What can you advise a person who doesnt know what kind of sport to take up?

First of all I would recommend deciding several things like whether he or she wants to take it up professionally or not, outdoors or indoors, team or individual. Then it will be very useful to visit some sports clubs, talk to people who go in for sport for some years. Then it will be time to make decisions.

5. Some doctors say that sport can help people to get rid of bad habits. Do you think it will work?

Many peoples favourite hobby is sport. These people have no time for bad habits. They spend much of their spare time playing team games like football or baseball or practicing an individual sport like running, parachuting or swimming. People practice a sport for a need to keep fit. A person who takes regular sport or exercise will stay physically fit, retain youthful vigour ( ) and develop endurance (). People who go in for sport even not professionally exercise not only their body but also their spirit. Thats why sport can help people to get rid of bad habits.



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