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Day 1: Who is Jesus?



We all come from different walks of life. Our families, occupations, friends, education, culture, and religious back rounds differ greatly. What we believe about life and God shape how we view the world and ourselves. We all have an opinion. We all have a mind with ideas, which if you’re like me, would gladly like to think that whatever you think is right, and everyone else is just a little off. But, with billions of people in the world very uniquely created and different, who’s to say who’s right and wrong? And when it comes to matters of believing in God- and Jesus- what is the Truth? Who is Jesus and does He even matter?


Identify the Current Issue- Who is Jesus?

Questions to discuss:

· To you, who is Jesus Christ? (ideas: Scholar, Good Teacher, Prophet, Son of God, Son of man, Messiah, fictional character, etc.)

· How is Jesus depicted in the media?

· What kind of personality do you think Jesus has?

· What are some good and bad characteristics of Jesus?

· In what ways do you think He is like you and/or not like you? Can you identify with Him?



To fully and truly understand who Jesus is, we must turn to the Bible. Why the Bible? We believe it to be the ultimate authority, standard, and “moral compass” for our lives. It stands to identify the difference between right and wrong, give purpose and direction for our lives, and most importantly, to learn about the life and love of God, Jesus Christ.

To back this up, let’s start with scripture! It says in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All scripture is God-breathed (inspired) and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.” So with this, we will conclude and hold from here on out that the Bible is the authority on which we will base our answers regarding Jesus.



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