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The fight against epidemics


First and the most important event was the closing of the streets, that is quarantined. Infected areas otochuvalysya. Troops returning from the areas, kept in quarantine for up to 2 months.
The suspected goods, objects and buildings of the dead were burned. Other buildings were burnt during 3-4 days pine wood and wormwood.
The dead were buried outside the city to a greater depth in the special places. Patients and suspected was taken to the forest to isolate where was left under the supervision of other soldiers.
Messages from infected areas, up to 7 times went down through the fire and every time rewritten.


In the middle ages, the bulk of the population served not certified doctors, and barbers. Some of them have great skill in the treatment of wounds, carrying out amputations, clip stones, tearing of teeth and especially in very widespread treatment - bloodletting. Statutes barbers shops such distinguished members of the Association: 1) students, which in Ukraine called guys; 2) apprenticeship they were young, chelyadnik ; 3) masters. Students took at the age of 12 years.


Interesting was the medical support of the Zaporozhian Sich. The life of the Cossacks for the most part took place in the campaigns and combat clashes. Assistance in various lesions and diseases they exerted by the rules and means of traditional medicine. Cossacks were able to let the blood, pull teeth, manufacturing patches for the treatment of wounds, to impose a vise fractures. Going on a hike, they, together with weapons stockpiles and took food and medicines. Seriously wounded Cossacks were treated in hospitals in monasteries. The first hospital was founded in Oak forest on the island between the Old and the New Samara.


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