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Lesson 6 Part 1 Types of Advertising


1. Answer the questions using the expressions below:

a. What types of advertising do you know?

b. Does advertising annoy you? In what way?

c. Have you got your favourite adverts? Describe them.

- The most annoying ad is

- The most beautiful ad is

- It shows

- nice\unpleasant

- to lie\ to tell truth

- Ads help us to



2. Read the definitions and choose the word from the box above:

1. An shows how good that thing is and tries to make you buy it.

2. If a firm a product, it tries to increase the sales or popularity of that product.

3. The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

4. A is an advertisement that is on television or radio.

5. If you from something or if it you, it helps you or makes your life better.

6. A large advertisement, for example in a newspaper or magazine, with big colored illustrations.

7. A small advertisement in a newspaper or magazine.

8. A large outdoor board for displaying advertisements.

9. A planned series of advertisements such as lotteries or presentations.


World building

3. Try to guess the meanings of the words in the table below.

4. Pay attention to the stress changes. Read the words aloud.


to promote promotion, promoter, promotional, promoting
to incorporate incorporated, incorporation
commercial commercial (adj.), commerce, commercialization, commercially
benefit to benefit, beneficial
advertisement to advertise, advertising, advertiser

5. Fill in the gaps with the correct word form:

1. He learned about the new service from an in the newspaper.

2. The marketing department the new line of men's clothes for winter.

3. People see and hear thousands of TV and radio each day.

4. The mass has become one of the main instruments of political change.

5. Fiona is a designer; shes got a job in.

6. Mr. Black has been a of this firm for many years.

7. Business increased after we began to on the radio.



6. Before reading the text, answer the questions:

1. How can ads change our behavior?

2. Do you believe the information that ads give?

3. What do you pay attention to when you buy something?


7. Read the text and complete the sentences with an appropriate type of advertising:

1. An increasingly popular method for promoting a business is.

2. If you have a small restaurant, the best way to tell people about it is .

3. The most expensive form of advertising is.

4. When you go to another city, along the road you can see .

5. Large color illustrations are used in .

6. If you want to attract clients from your city, you place ads in .


Types of Advertising

All companies are searching for a way to make their business successful. Here are five ways to advertise a product or service. Many businesses will not need to use all types of advertising but can benefit from incorporating one or two.

Advertising persuades members of a particular market to take some form of action, such as buying a product or service. There are many ways to spread an advertising message. A good ad campaign incorporates several types of advertising so that many people saw it.

Television Advertising

TV commercials are a popular way to deliver messages to large audiences. Although this medium has the ability to reach a high number of potential buyers, it is also one of the most expensive forms of advertising. For example, one 30-second TV commercial during the Super Bowl cost about $3 million in 2009.

Radio Advertising

Radio commercials are an effective way for businesses to target a group of people based on location or similar tastes. For example, a local night club seeking college student clientele would probably consider advertising on a local pop radio station.

Print Advertising

Magazine and newspaper ads are another way to spread the information about a product or service. Print also offers the ability to target a specific audience based on geography or common interests. Print advertising usually includes larger display ads, as well as classified advertising.

Online Advertising

Advertising online is an increasingly popular method for promoting a business. There are many forms of online advertising. Banner ads are image ads displayed on web pages. Google AdWords is another popular form of online advertising that matches an ad to an Internet user's search inquiry.

Social network marketing is the fastest-growing form of Internet advertising. This includes using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote a product or service. Many social networks have advertising available, such as Facebook Ads.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard ads are large advertisements displayed on structures in public places. Most commonly, billboards are located along highways to target passing motorists. Another type of billboard advertising is a mobile banner or billboard.

Adapted from: http://angiegentry.suite101.com/


The Super Bowl the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States.


8. Agree or disagree the following statements according to the text, use expressions below to help. Correct the false ones:

1. The businesses need to use all types of advertising to be successful.

2. A TV commercial helps to reach a high number of potential buyers.

3. Both radio commercials and print advertising are used to target a group of people based on location or similar tastes.

4. There are little ads in social networks.

5. Only motorists can see billboards.

- I agree that

- I dont agree that

- Its correct/wrong

- Its true/not true that


9. Explain what the following words mean, use the dictionary if its necessary:

1. an advertising message

2. an ad campaign

3. banner ads

4. Google AdWords

5. LinkedIn

6. Facebook Ads


Grammar: ing forms


Form Example
Gerund   Ads persuade people to take some form of action, such as buying a product or service.
Participle I A local night club seeking college student clientele placed ads on local radio station.


1. Social network marketing is a growing form of Internet advertising.

a) b) c)


10. Change the sentences according to the model:

Example: China and India are the countries which develop fast.

China and India are the countries developing fast.

1. Motorists who pass along the road can see billboards.

2. People who buy goods and services are called consumers.

3. Businesses that target group of people with similar tastes choose radio or print advertising.

4. Google AdWords is a form of online advertising that matches an ad to an Internet user's search inquiry.

5. People that live in one place see the same ads.


11. Choose the right variant:

1. Many businesses incorporating/incorporated two or more types of advertising make benefit.

2. Incorporating/incorporated company made new ad campaign.

3. Buying/bought the goods consumers often dont think.

4. Buying/bought goods were promoted very professionally.

5. Printed/printing ads are placed in newspapers and magazines.

6. Companies often distribute printed/printing by post.

7. Some people reading/read newspapers dont look at ads

8. Reading/read newspapers were on the table.

9. Advertising agency placed ads of promoted/promoting company on TV.



12. Answer the following questions:

1. Can you describe an advertisement that is good for business?

2. Can you describe a successful ad campaign?

3. What do you think about billboards in our city?

4. Are there hidden ads in films and cartoons? What do you think about it?

5. What ads do you see most often?

6. Is advertising bad for children? In what way?


13. Work in pairs. Role-play the following situation:

Student A: You are a businessman who wants to advertise a new product. You go to an advertising agency to get information and discuss the best way(s) to advertise it. Decide:

Ø what product you want to advertise

Ø how much you are ready to pay for it

Ø what questions you will ask in the advertising agency

Student B: You work in an advertising agency. Be ready to consult on the following issues:

Ø the types of advertisement you can suggest, their advantages and disadvantages

Ø what type(s) of advertisement is best for a particular product

Ø how much different types of advertisement cost



14. Design an advert for one of the products or things below. Write a text of the advert and make a picture if necessary.

new computer game

new cosmetics product


your faculty for the school leaver

anti-smoking campaign in your university

Topics for presentations:

1. Types of advertising. 2. How do ads influence people? 3. The most interesting ads.


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