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18 Study the structure of phrasal verbs.


  Phrasal verbs:
  • can be literal or idiomatic
  • are formed by verb + particle: The plan didn't work out., The plans fell through.
  • or verb + particle + object: He took away the materials., They put off the meeting., Do not let me down., He came across an anti-eco ad.
  • or verb + particle + particle: I am looking forward to leading the campaign., How can you put up with their policy?



19 Fill in the gaps to form appropriate phrasal verbs.


1. Our cities would be cleaner if cars could run __________ electricity instead of petrol.

a) on b) in c) at

2. According to some experts all countries should do __________ nuclear energy completely.

a) for b) away with c) out off

3. All non-renewable fuels will eventually run _________ .

a) down to b) out at c) out

4. Safety is an important issue for petro-chemical companies.Some of the chemicals they

produce give _____ toxic fumes, so they have to ensure they are not spiltor released into

the environment.

a) off b) under c) up

5. The government is planing to phase _______ all diesel powered cars by the year 2015.

a) off b) on c) out

6. The recyclable material is sorted ______ and carried to another location for recycling.

a) out b) up c) in

7. The Minister chairs a committee aiming to improve the way we throw_______rubbish

from our homes.

a) down b) away c) off

8. It is necessary to cut _______ carbon dioxide emissions.

a) up b) away c) down


9. Their solar panel business ran_______ problems after a succession of wet summers

in the mid –nineteen nineties.

a) out of b) down c) into


10. A team of American scientists have come __________ a method of water purification.

a) into b) up with c) over



20 Match the phrasal verbs from the sentences above with their synonyms for better



1. run on a) to put something in order, to tidy and organize something


2. do away with b) to reduce the amount or quantity of something


3. run out c) to stop using something gradually or in stages


4. give off d) to use a particular type of power or fuel to make a machine or

a vehicle work


5. phase out e) to stop doing or having something or to make something

no longer necessary


6. sort out f) to produce something such as heat, light, smoke,etc.


7. throw away g) to use up or finish a supply of something


8. cut down h) to think of an idea, an answer to a question or a solution

to a problem


9. run into i) to get rid of something


10. come up with j) to reach a particular level, amount or state


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