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Ex. 3. Make the following sentences interrogative and negative.

1. By the middle of the 21st century we’ll have built a lot of space stations. 2. The teacher has just spoken about rational and irrational numbers. 3. By that time natural scientists had learnt to use the parallelogram as a means of addition. 4. A young mathematician has found a better proof of the theorem recently. 5. By the end of the week I’ll have written the second chapter of my dissertation. 6. He has already taken his exam in differential equations. 7. They had done their laboratory work by 2 o’clock. 8. We have just replaced the terms in the equation. 9. This week the students have learnt to perform operations on complex fractions. 10. I had simplified the fractions before multiplying them.

Ex. 4. Translate the following sentences into Russian.

1. Mathematicians have used mathematical formulas in solving these problems. 2. By the end of the lesson we’ll have been able to obtain the modified definition of the function. 3. Scientific theories have often suggested directions for mathematical investigations. 4. Physical objects and observed facts had often served as a source of the postulates in Maths. 5. Einstein was able to achieve some of his results after Maths had suggested new ways of thinking about space and time. 6. Abel had hardly reached the age of 22 when he made two of his most famous discoveries. 7. Algebra has become the science that can deal effectively with anything. 8. By the end of June the students will have passed their exams and gone on holiday. 9. Throughout the centuries people have improved their ability to record, process and communicate information. 10. When you come, I will have solved these equations with fractions. 11. This century scientists have made a lot of discoveries about the universe.


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