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Time, according to the views of Isaac Newton, "in all points of space flowed and flows equally, i.e. in which a region of space we place any clock, it will count down the time with one and the same speed".

According to the ideas of Einstein, space and time are not absolute. In keeping with his views, they have the property of variability.

Einstein connected the gravity with the compression of space, and the acceleration or deceleration of time – with a degree of curvature of space: the more it is compressed and the more the mass at this point, the slower time passes there. The more extended and less the mass at this point – the faster the time flows.

Einstein postulated the non-simultaneity of processes in different parts of the Universe.

Time as the value tracking the overall progress of the processes of unification into one of the elementary particles of the six Plans is an absolute value – the same for each point of the Universe.

Celestial bodies are born from the compound of the particles of the Physical Plan. In the future, they are "colonized" by the particles of overlying five Plans, beginning from the Astral.

Time as the counter of radioactive decay may stop. However, the time as the value indicating the level of evolutionary development of life in the Universe will not stop until the Creator's Plan will not materialize. There is simply no force capable to prevent it.

In absolute time invariant for all points of the Universe, we, the people, select "segments" of any size (the "length"). So there are "time units".

Time – this is not the fourth dimension of space. By measuring the value of segments, areas and volumes of space, it has nothing to do.

The space has a total of three dimensions – three coordinates – and no more. All other "dimensions" - are figment of the imagination of people.

We, the creatures that live on the surface of one of the planets that exist in the universe, associate the concept of "time" with the rotation of the planet on its axis (days) and its moving around the star – the Sun (years).

Life time is too small, and the science still gains strength. This explains why we do not use as a time interval the period of revolution of our solar system around the Galaxy Nucleus or around Nucleus of Supergalaxy around the Central Celestial Body of the Universe.

Within each of the three coordinates (dimensions), we can move indefinitely. The time, of course, can’t be considered as a fourth coordinate (4th dimension) that can be used with respect to the bodies in space.

We are not able to move freely "there - here" between the future and the past. In reality, there is not a separate "future", "past" and "present".

Time – it’s a chain of successive changes of position of the elementary particles and their conglomerates, scattered in space.

In reality, the past and future do not exist, there is only the present.

We get information about the world, and our "I" fixes it. This stored memory is precisely the "past".

We plan in our mind our own and others' work, we assume what happens in the world around us. These thoughts can be seen as the "future".

However, in the Creative Space that exists independently of elementary particles, there is no future, no past, no present.

And yet they are in the "it", simultaneously as the "ideas of the Creator".

"Eternal Now", not embodied in reality by elementary particles.

Time can’t slow down or speed up.

Let no one mislead you such metaphors as "passage of time", "running of time", "course of time".

Time – it does not a flow and not a river, washing over us in space. Of course, all these comparisons are very beautiful, but our scientific thinking must resist the urge to take them literally.

Time, like Space, is absolute, and at any point in space is the same. It is a reflection of a single course of the processes occurring in the Universe, associated with the movement, association and separation of the elementary particles of the same or of different quality.

If we consider the Universe as a derivative of a single "Monolith" – Space – then we must immediately characterize everything that happens within this Universe.

In Space there are some "corners" not participating in the single process of Manifestation. Also, in the Space there are some areas, not following the One Laws of the Universe. This is the meaning of phrase "at the same time".

Everything is shown in accordance with a common Plan. No some of their own "time courses", "twists in time" where there are very different Laws.

However, it should be recognized – everything humans have ever dreamed of, everything they imagined, has the real implications.

Perhaps, speaking of multi-temporal Universe, people who say it are not perceived information about the Universe today, but of that which once existed in a period of some Manvantara.

Or, our Space is not one in the World, and while at the same time as here, there are such Laws of Nature, which we now know, in other Spaces are quite different Laws.

In this case, in our Universe is one time, and in the manifested Universe of other Space will be another.

So, the time – it is not a spatial coordinate. In addition, to determine the position of the elementary particle in space we do not need a fourth or fifth, nor the second, nor any other extra coordinate. For this purpose, to us quite enough of three coordinates (dimensions). If we wanted to put in graph another coordinates, they simply had no place to enter.

Where put the coordinates and why?!






Furthermore, there is no some other space "wedged" in that, in which we live.
How is it possible to imagine?

A number of modern scholars believe that the introduction of additional spaces, built as nesting dolls, in our space, will solve all the existing problems in physics.

Not at all. This innovation further complicates the picture of the Universe.

These built-in one to another spaces are called "parallel worlds". Fantastic literature abounds with them in different variations.

The Space – is a "fabric of the Universe." We call the Space by emptiness. Properties of the Space can be considered virtually unexplored. We study the elementary particles. And the space itself – is unknowable Absolute. You can definitely say about it, that we do not know about it anything.

Even if it is assumed that two spaces coexist somehow in one volume, each of them must be fully occupy this volume. However, they must be absolutely united. It could not be. Probably you should already feel the absurdity and irrationality of such reasoning.

Let's summarize and accept the assertion that the nature of Space is holistic and indivisible.

If to speak about the "parallel worlds", we must say - that they exist. But this term does not refer to the space is divided against itself.

The term "parallel worlds" is most consonant with the concept of "Plans".

Plans – is the real-world spheres of Space populated by elementary particles. Plans exist in the Universe "in parallel" with our world. During our lifetime, we do not perceive them visually, but, nevertheless, they do exist.


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