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The Subject: English Upbeat

Form: 5

The time 17:00-17:45

The teacher: Zhumabayeva Kuralay Amanbaykyzy

The theme of the lesson: Where did you surf?
The Aim of the lesson: To give new material about the grammar.
The results: The students know more information about past simple of regular verbs: questions and answers, also adjectives of feeling.
The main ideas: The students take information about past simple and learn to use in their speaking.
Used materials: Book, work book, apple tree, flashcards.
Warm-up Good afternoon, children! Now, I would like you to come to the board. Make a circle. Children, now give each other smiles, happy face, I want to start our lesson with wishing good luck to you.   Now make a line. Im going to divide you into the group. (Happy, fine, excited) - Who is happy? ( 1 group) - Who is fine? (2 group) - Who is excited? (3 group)     5 min
Checking up the home tasks. What was your home task? 4min
Knowledge Past simple of regular verbs: questions and short answers
Yes/ No questions
Did you practice every day?
Short answers
Yes, I did. No, I didnt.
How often did you practice ? Where did you surf?

Now make similar questions and short answers with she, he, we and they.

6 min    
Comprehension Number these events in order: 1= very bad, 2= quite bad, 3=not so bad, 4=ok - Youre thirty minutes late for school. - You fail an exam. - You lose your mobile phone. - Your friends forget your birthday.       4 min  
Application Listen and read. What musical instrument does Josh play? Polly: Whats the matter, Josh? Josh: Nothing. Im just a bit fed up. I failed my piano exam yesterday. Dads quite angry. Polly: How often did you practice? Did you practice every day? Josh: No, I didnt. I surfed every day. Polly: You surfed? Where did you surf? Were miles from the sea here! Josh: At home. I surfed the Internet! Answer the questions. 1) How does Josh feel? 2) When was his piano exam? 3) Why was Joshs dad angry?   6 min
Analysis Write questions and answers in the past simple tense. 1 A: Sam/play and sports last week? B+ A: What sports/play? B: basketball A: Did Sam play any sports last week? B: Yes, he did. A: What sports did he play? B: He played basketball. 2 A: Your sister/ watch Big Brother last night? B A: What/watch? B: a film 3 A: You/phone a friend last night? B A:Who/ phone? B: my brother. 4 A: they/ surf the internet yesterday? B + A: What websites / look at ? B: facebook.com 7 min
Synthesis Speaking Talk about you. Ask and answer the same questions in pairs. A: Did you play any sports last week? B: Yes, I did. A: What sports ?   8min
Evaluation Teacher gives home tasks. Giving marks. 5 min    



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