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Unit 10. Society and change

1. scientist / a graduate of Harvard University 2. to waste money on something
3. predictions about the future 4. the government / the opposition
5. a gerontologist / physicist / entrepreneur 6. ordinary people / the poor / the wealthy
7. to live to 1000 years old / to reach that age 8. unemployment / poverty
9. to beat ageing / to beat diseases 10. to get better / to get worse
11. research facilities 12. a cure / to cure many diseases
13. sports arenas for new zero-gravity sports 14. to go down / to go up
15. to mend damaged human cells 16. to bully someone
17. living standards / health care / life expectancy 18. to play a trick on someone
19. to increase / to decrease / reduce spending (on) 20. to run someone over
21. to balance the budget / reduce taxes 22. to take revenge on someone
23. average income / taxpayers 24. to scare someone
25. The future is coming and some people believe it will be far more surprising and more incredible than we can imagine.
26. The human body is a machine than can be fixed.
27. As medicine becomes better and better, we will almost certainly be able to beat ageing, just as we can beat many diseases today.
28. As people get older their cells become damaged through natural processes.
29. Along with scientists around the world, he is working on a detailed plan to repair all types of damage to human cells. This project might be ready for humans in 20 years. And then people will no longer die of old age and will probably live to be 1000 or more in excellent health.
30. Having good education and time to use it, people are unlikely to get bored to live so long.
31. Space tourism will certainly be common and thousands of people will live and work in space.
32. What language will people speak in space? It probably won’t matter because there is likely to be a tiny computer that fits in your ear and translates what you hear into your own language.
33. Our brains will merge with machines.
34. The robots will be implanted in our brains to improve our memory and our thinking skills.
35. There will be intelligent roads and driverless cars.
36. Human beings will not be allowed to drive without computer assistance.
37. Poverty and diseases will be almost non-existent.
38. Machines may well sound like humans in the future.
39. We are unlikely to have a cup of coffee and chat with machines.
40. Tablet computers will certainly replace books.
41. Computers won’t definitely become more intelligent than humans.
42. All housework will definitely be done by robots.
43. Life expectancy has increased / has decreased.
44. Average income has risen / has fallen.
45. Living standards have improved / have deteriorated.
46. Our levels of happiness have increased / have stayed the same.
47. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
48. According to the news, scientists have made an important breakthrough in inventing the material that would make us invisible.
49. If you were suspicious of your partner, would you ever follow him? – No, that would be really stupid. If I thought he was doing something wrong, I would ask him about it.
50. Would you ever lie to someone close to you?
51. Would you drive above speed limit?
52. If you had the chance to travel in space, where would you do it?

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