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Organic solidarity is most likely to exist in which of the following types of societies? •Industrial

Scapegoat theory shows that: • dominant groups blame subordinate groups for their problems

Social stratification is a system that: • ranks society members into categories

Socialization, as a sociological term, describes: • how people learn societal norms, beliefs, and values

Societies practice social control to maintain ________. • social order

Sociologists tend to define family in terms of: • how a given society sanctions the relationships of people who are connected through blood, marriage, or adoption

Spousal abuse is an example of a ________. • violent crime

Stereotypes can be based on: •all of the above

The ________ can be directly attributed to the digital divide, because differential ability to access the internet leads directly to a differential ability to use the knowledge found on the internet. • knowledge gap

The American flag is a material object that denotes the United States of America; however, there arecertain connotations that many associate with the flag, like bravery and freedom. In this example, whatare bravery and freedom? • Nonmaterial culture

The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street protests have the following incommon: • They are examples of conflict theory in action.

The belief that one’s culture is inferior to/worse than another culture is called: • xenocentrism

The concept of the iron cage was popularized by which of the following sociological thinkers? • Max Weber

The fact that your cell phone is using outdated technology within a year or two of purchase is anexample of ____________. •planned obsolescence

The government of __________ blocks citizens’ access to popular new media sites like Facebook,YouTube, and Twitter. • China

The history of technology began _________. • in the early stages of human societies

The notion that people cannot feel or experience something that they do not have a word for can beexplained by: • Sapir-Whorf

The terms _________________ and ______________ are often used interchangeably, but have nuances that differentiate them. •culture and society

Two people who have just had a baby have turned from a _______ to a _________. • dyad; triad

What are the major factors affecting education systems throughout the world? • Resources and money

What did Carol Gilligan believe earlier researchers into morality had overlooked? • The perspective of females

What do nations that are top-ranked in science and math have in common? • They recruit top teachers.

What factor makes caste systems closed? . • People cannot change their social standings.

What factor makes class systems open? • They allow for movement between the classes.

What intergroup relationship is represented by the “salad bowl” metaphor? • Pluralism

What is a group whose values, norms, and beliefs come to serve as a standard for one's own behavior? • Reference group

What is discrimination? • Biased actions against an individual or group

What is the one defining feature of a minority group? •Lack of power

What term describes the separation of students based on merit? • Sorting

When Karl Marx said workers experience alienation, he meant that workers: • do not feel connected to their work

Which concept corresponds best to functionalism? •v Interdependence

Which current world figure has the least amount of political power? • Queen Elizabeth II

Which intergroup relation displays the least tolerance? • Genocide

Which is not a characteristic of a democracy? • A king or queen holds the majority of governmental control.

Which nation is an absolute monarchy? • Oman

Which of the following best describes how deviance is defined? • Devianceis socially defined.

Which of the following is a criticism of the family life cycle model? • It is too narrowly focused on a sequence of stages.

Which of the following is a manifest function of schools? • Learning to read and write

Which of the following is an example of a numerical majority being treated as a subordinate group? • Blacks under Apartheid in South Africa

Which of the following is an example of corporate crime? • Embezzlement

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of bureaucracies? • Coercion to join

Which of the following is NOT a form of new media? •

The cable television program

Which of the following is not a manifest function of education? • Courtship

Which of the following is the best explanation of racism as a social fact? • It does not need the actions of individuals to continue.

Which of the following is typically the earliest agent of socialization? • Family

Which of the following occupations is a person of power most likely to have in an informationsociety? • Software engineer

Which of the following paradigms would consider movements such as Occupy Wall Streetundesirable and unnecessarily forcing social change? •Functionalism

Which of the following present and former government leaders is generally considered a dictator? • Kim Jong-Un

Which of the following scenarios is an example of intergenerational mobility? • An executive belongs to a different class than her parents.

Which of the following types of authority does not reside primarily in a leader? • Legal-rational

Which of these systems allows for the most social mobility? • Class

Which statement best expresses the difference between power and authority? • Authority is based on the perceived legitimacy of the individual in power.

Which statement best expresses why the United States is not a “true” democracy? • Citizens elect representatives who vote on their behalf to make policy.

Which statement best expresses why there have been so few charismatic female leaders throughouthistory? • Few women have had the opportunity to hold leadership roles over the course of history.

Which theory of education focuses on the labels acquired through the educational process? • Symbolic interactionism

Which theory of education focuses on the ways in which education maintains the status quo? • Conflict theory

Why do people join utilitarian organizations? • Because they receive a tangible benefit from joining

Your 83-year-old grandmother has been using a computer for some time now. As a way to keep intouch, you frequently send e-mails of a few lines to let her know about your day. She calls after every e-mail to respond point by point, but she has never e-mailed a response back. This can be viewed as anexample of: • cultural lag

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