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How the other half lives

Lord Manners was a rich and famous banker. When he (to die) died recently, he (to give) ….. a magnificent funeral which (to attend) ….. by hundreds of famous people. The funeral was going to (to hold) ….. in Westminster Abbey. Many ordinary people (to line) ….. the streets to watch the procession. The wonderful black and gold carriage (to draw) ….. by six black horses. The mourners (to follow) ….. in silence. Lord Manners (to give) ….. a royal farewell. Two tramps were among the crowd. They (to watch) ….. the procession with amazement. As solemn music (could hear) ….. in the distance, one of them (to turn) ….. to the other and (to whisper) ….. in admiration, ‘Now that’s what I call really living!’.


Revision Test on Passive Voice


Choose a proper sentence in passive form.

1. IFL bought Nescafe. a) Nescafe had been bought by IFL. b) Nescafe was bought by IFL. c) Nescafe is bought by IFL. 2. Fred asked Simon. a) Simon was asked by Fred. b) Simon had been asked by Fred c) Simon is asked by Fred. 3. Caroline paid for the meal. a) The meal is paid for by Caroline. b) The meal has been paid for by Caroline. c) The meal was paid for by Caroline 4. Harry will meet you at the airport. a) You will have been met by Harry at the airport. b) You will be met by Harry at the airport. c) You would be met by Harry at the airport. 5. Tom respects Lindsay’s opinion. a) Lindsay’s opinion would be respected by Tom. b) Lindsay’s opinion was respected by Tom. c) Lindsay’s opinion is respected by Tom. 6. Jane upset me by what she said. a) I would be upset by what Jane said. b) I was upset by what Jane said. c) I would have been upset by what Jane said. 7. I’m going to inform John later today. a) John would be informed by me later today. b) John was informed by me later today. c) John is going to be informed by me later today. 8. The police arrested 12 people. a) 12 people were arrested by the police. b) 12 people have been arrested by the police. c) 12 people should be arrested by the police. 9. Sheila might come to see you tomorrow. a) You might be visited by Sheila tomorrow. b) You will might be visited by Sheila tomorrow. c) You would be visited by Sheila tomorrow. 10. Frank Sinatra sang ‘My Way…’ a) My Way was sung by Frank Sinatra. b) My Way had been sung by Frank Sinatra. c) My Way would be sung by Frank Sinatra.

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