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1. Complete these sentences with the correct adverb or preposition.

  1. He put the plates…. the cupboards.
  2. I took the ham …. of the fridge, made myself a couple of sandwiches, and then I put the rest of the ham …. in the fridge.
  3. I usually sit …. the sofa and my husband sits … the armchair.
  4. I was bored, so I turned … the television.
  5. You normally cook it …. the oven for about forty minutes.
  6. I took the butter … of the fridge and put it … the table.


2. Here are some things you find in the lounge or kitchen with the jumbled letters. What are they and where do they belong?

skin nacitusr rapcet shadriswhe teklet

faos veon digref hiamcrar pobcadru acepasnu


Find the correct ending on the right for each of these sentence beginnings on the left, then put the sentences in the most logical order.

1. I cleaned the light
2. I went into bed
3. I set a wash
4. I switched off my teeth
5. I had to sleep
6. I put on the alarm clock
7. I got my pyjamas


4. Where would you look for the following things in a typical house?

1. a rake 5. suitcases 9. a grater

2. cutlery 6. a tumble-dryer 10. old empty boxes

3. dental floss 7. a power point

4. a coat-hanger 8. a porch


5. Write down…

  1. …three things in the lounge and kitchen you can turn on / off
  2. …three things in the kitchen you can wash
  3. …three things in the lounge and kitchen you can sit on
  4. …two things you can use to boil water



Fill in the room and place labels on the plan of the house.



Fill the gaps with a suitable word.

  1. I’ve got a darkroom in the … where I develop films. It’s perfect because there are no windows down there.
  2. Is there a … where I can plug in this radio?
  3. You’d better have a … under your drink in case you mark that side-table. It’s an antique.
  4. The waste-bin’s full again. I’ll empty it. Are there any more …? Where are they?
  5. We keep out skis up in the ………….. during the summer. They’re out of the way up there.
  6. You’ll find the garden-chairs in the … at the bottom of the garden. Bring them up and we’ll have a drink on the … and watch the sunset.
  7. The light-switch for the stairs is on the … as you come out of your bedroom.
  8. I’ve moved to a … now as I found I couldn’t manage the stairs any more at my age.


Read the following dialogue.

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