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B) Complete the sentences with the suitable expressions from the text.

See eye to eye, by the skin of your teeth, has his head screwed on, by heart, pick your brains, green thumb, have a finger in every pie, pulling my leg, on the brain, under her thumb.

  1. We got up so late this morning that we had to run to the station, and we just caught the train … .
  2. All the children had to learn the poem … .
  3. I’ve got a problem I’d like to discuss – can I come and … this afternoon.
  4. John does everything his mother says – he’s certainly … .
  5. Tom and his sister disagree about everything – they simply don’t … .
  6. I never know whether Sam is being serious or whether he is … .
  7. Sue certainly has … – her plants grow very well.
  8. You really … – you are involved in so many things!
  9. James is very sensible – he certainly … .
  10. I can’t forget that song – I’ve got it … .

C) Match expressions having the same meaning.

1. keep one’s head a. put one’s back up
2. keep a stiff upper lip b. think about something all the time
3. have one’s hair stand on end c. not to turn a hair
4. blood boils d. not to bat an eye
5. be down in the mouth e. be in a bad mood
6. have something on the brain f. move away because of fear
7. get cold feet g. make blood freeze in one’s veins
8. put one’s feet in it h. do or say the wrong thing



1. You want to know about the following: someone’s general appearance / their height / their weight.

What questions do you need to ask? Complete these questions.

What …………………………………………..?

How …………………………………………...?

How much …………………………………….?

Now answer the questions about yourself.

  1. How tall are you?
  2. How would you describe your build?
  3. How much do you weigh?
  4. What kind of hair have you got? What color is it?
  5. Would you like it to be different? If so, what would you like?
  6. Do you think you have any special features?
  7. Are there any special features you would like to have?
  8. Do you like beards?


2. How would you describe a person in each of these cases?

  1. He never bought me a drink all the time we were together.
  2. I have to tell her what to do every minute of the working day. She wouldn’t even open a window without someone’s permission.
  3. He often promises to do things but half the time he forgets.
  4. She’s always here on time.
  5. I don’t think he has done any work since he has been here.
  6. She finds it difficult to meet people and talk to strangers.
  7. He could work in any department, and it doesn’t matter to him if he’s on his own or part of a team.
  8. The greatest thing about her is that she is so aware of what other people think or feel.
  9. He always makes people angry or upset because he doesn’t consider feelings of other.
  10. He wants to get the supervisor’s job and then becomes boss for the whole department.


Agree or disagree with the following statements.

  1. Complicated people are always difficult.
  2. Opposites attract.
  3. Somebody simple-hearted and cheerful will make a good match for someone serious, calm, deeply intelligent.
  4. Someone stingy will get along well with someone generous.
  5. A witty guy will make a good match for a simple-minded girl.
  6. A person with an artistic mind will get along well with a person with a rational mind.
  7. All men are as stubborn as sheep.
  8. Dependent, demanding behavior of a woman turns off a lot of men.
  9. Compassion is a womanly trait.

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