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Draw your own family tree and write a short summary of your family background (family history).


  1. Read the information and answer the questions about yourself and your country:

Family background (=family history).

My grandfather was a market gardener in Ireland. He grew flowers, fruit and vegetables, and sold them in the market every day. He worked hard all his life and when he died, his son (now my uncle) and daughter (my mother) inherited a large house and a garden (received this house and garden from my grandfather when he died). They carried on business together until my mother met my father. They got married, moved to England, and I was born two years later. They didnít have any more children, so Iím the only child.

Family names

When you are born, your family gives you a first name, e.g. James, Kate, Sarah and Alex are common first names in Britain. Your family name (also called your surname) is the one that the entire family share e.g. Smith, Brown, Jones, and OíNeill are common surnames in Britain. Some parents give their children a middle name, but you do not usually say this name in Britain unlike in Ukraine. Your full name is all the names you have, e.g. Sarah Jane Smith.

Changing times

Society changes and so do families. In small places, people may decide to live together but do not get married. They are not husband and wife but call each other their partner. There are also many families in some parts of the world where the child or children live(s) with just their mother or father; those are sometimes called single-parent families.

  1. Whatís your first name?
  2. Whatís your surname?
  3. Is that a common name in your country?
  4. Do you have a middle name?
  5. Are you the only child?
  6. Who is your oldest friend?
  7. Do you work? If so, how many of your work colleagues are also your friends?
  8. Do you have any ex-boyfriends / girlfriends?
  9. Are single-parent families common in your country?
  10. In your country, do more and more people live together without getting married?
  1. Dot this task even if you donít believe in astrology and never read horoscopes. Itís for your fun and language skills improvement.

Step 1. Define your Zodiac sign by studying the following chart.

Model: My Zodiac sign is Gemini because I was born on the 28th of May.

Step 2. Comment on every column of the chart, agreeing or disagreeing with the descriptions and qualities given there.

Model: Though Iím a Gemini by horoscope I canít even draw. Being a typical Gemini Iím fond of talking

Horoscope Chart

Zodiac sign Personality good points Personality bad points Appearance Typical job You like You dislike
Aries March 22-April 20 Energetic, enthusiastic Jealous, bossy Rather long neck Politician, surgeon New clothes, sport Waiting
Taurus April 21-May 21 Reliable, very loving Stubborn, easily embarrassed Beautiful complexion, large feet Farmer, business person Comfort, gardening Change, haste
Gemini May 22-June 22 Entertaining, charming, versatile Quickly bored, impatient Slim Journalist, artist Talking, being among people Being laughed at, waiting
Cancer June 23-July23 Kind, sensitive Too easily hurt, possessive Small eyes Baker, nurse Being with friends, shopping Sharing feelings, criticism
Leo July 24-August 23 Brave, generous Stubborn, ambitious Oval face, large eyes Lawyer, soldier Winning, children, pets Unhappy friends, being ignored
Virgo August 24-September 23 Witty, charming, sympathetic Untidy, irritable, nervous High forehead, straight nose Secretary, mechanic Being punctual, systemic Crowds and noise, sitting still for a long time
Libra September 24-October 23 Charming, cooperative Indecisive, flirtatious Beautiful smile Beautician, politician Peace and quiet, being fussed over Ugly places, loud arguments
Scorpio October 24-November 22 Caring, protective Moody, jealous Broad face, intense eyes Scientist, detective Winning, collecting things Making mistakes, being asked personal questions
Sagittarius November 23-December 22 Honest, optimistic Hot-headed, gambler at heart Sparkling eyes, overweight Teacher, writer, vet Traveling, gambling, parties Waiting, making promises
Capricorn December 23-January 19 Hard-working, careful Unforgiving, anxious Serious-looking Banker, civil servant Home and family, privacy New things and ideas, untidiness
Aquarius January 20-February 19 Loyal, caring Rude, self-interested Very tall Engineer, photographer Surprises, being with friends Violence, fighting, people who show off
Pisces February 20-March 21 Loving, caring, creative Self-pitying, hot-tempered Short, large eyebrows Actor, writer Poetry, romantic places Noisy, crowded places, being second



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