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Ask me whether I liked school when I was a pupil.

4. What ideas from Belarusian school can you advise a teacher from Great Britain to use in British school?

5. Today some young people think that having a good education is not very important. Do you agree with them?

I 1. Letís talk about education. What can you tell me about your school?

(About education)

Education plays a very important role in our life. It is one of the most valuable possessions a man can get in his life. We get our knowledge of this world and life through education. Many famous discoveries would have been impossible if people were not interested in learning something. Education develops different sides of human personality, reveals his abilities. Besides, it helps a person to understand himself, to choose the right way in this world. During all the periods of human history education ranked high among people. Human progress mostly depended upon well-educated people.

Self-education is very important for the development of humanís talents. Only through self-education a person can become a harmonically developed personality. A person becomes a highly qualified specialist after getting some special education. And professionalism can be reached only through it. Even highly qualified specialists from time to time attend refresher courses to refresh their knowledge.

The civilized state differs from others in the fact that it pays much attention to the educational policy. John Kennedy said: ďOur progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in educationĒ. But it doesnít concern only one particular nation. We know that science and art belong to the whole world. Before them the barriers of nationality disappear. So education brings people closer to each other, helps them to understand each other better.


(About the Lyceum)

Our Lyceum was founded on the Ö . Our lyceum is an ordinary building in one of the residential areas, a 3-storied building with a swimming pool and a spacious gym. There are a lot of facilities, which help us study successfully: the universityís labs, reading rooms, gyms, assembly halls are available for the pupils.

Of course there is a lot to be improved. For example our canteen could be more pleasant in its design. Also Iíd like to have a bigger library with a reading hall. But in spite of all I love my Lyceum and Iím proud of it.

Most of our classrooms are quite good, light and spacious. When you enter this or that classroom you understand what subject is taught here as you see special devices or equipment in every room.

The Lyceum is specialized in different subjects: History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English. The pupils are classified according to their abilities and wishes. So we have a great variety of things to choose for our future interest in our professional life.

As for me Iím fond of Ö I work hard so as to gain appropriate knowledge and to pass my future exams successfully.

We also work at many things like physical development, emotions, relationships.

There are a lot of rules in the Lyceum. We have to wear a uniform and the chevron, which is the symbol of

our Lyceum. One of the first thing teachers instruct children to do is to treat each other with respect. As

a result, pupils try to behave well and value good manners.

I would like to stress that it is rather difficult to study here. Practically speaking we have no spare time. On the other hand we study a lot of interesting subjects including Physics, Maths, English and other foreign languages and our teachers do their best to give us good education.Each lesson in our lyceum is a mini-performance: different presentations, interesting experiments, exciting teachersí stories and pupilsí discussions. Our teachers always try to do everything to make our lessons special and cognitive.

Our Lyceum provides children not only with knowledge. Itís also a place where children spend their free time. There are many amateur groups or circles and sport sections in my school. Special teachers help children to develop their creative abilities either in sport sections, a school choir or theatre, or to improve English after classes.

What I really like about the Lyceum is our intensive life. We take an active part in different competitions, concerts,

debuts and other activities. Different events take place before, after and during the classes: concerts in connection with different holidays, childrenís parties, sport competitions, Olympiads, contests, etc. During our vacations we travel throughout the country and visit some foreign countries as well.

There is no doubt that after leaving the Lyceum everyone will be able to enter any University in Belarus or abroad.

To sum up, I can say that more and more parents choose to send their children to our Lyceum. I like to study here and in my opinion itís the best place to study and it has a proud name - Lyceum.

I 2. Do you agree that Belarusian secondary school provides a person with good knowledge? Why (not)?

Variant 1

Generally speaking, I should say that children have got opportunities to get good knowledge. The programmes of Belarusian secondary school comprise all the subjects necessary for basic knowledge so as to have a chance to choose any profession. Students may be involved in different educational activities which provide not only theoretical base but also practical skills: such as making different projects and presentations, research work, making speeches. The aim of our secondary education is also to learn social skills, to develop critical thinking, to develop understanding of other people, to prepare for life in the workplace and many others.

Thus, those people who has got determination, persistence, self motivation will succeed in their future life.

Variant 2

Generally speaking, I should say that children have got good opportunities to get good knowledge. Scientific and intellectual potential is the main strategic resource of Belarus. The republic guarantees its citizens the right to universal secondary education and creates means for further professional education. It tries to pay much attention to common human values, developing independent critical thinking instead of simple perception of information.

Our system of education has been reforming for many years probably because the aim of the reform is rather global: to create an independent, qualitatively new national school corresponding to international standards and ensuring each citizen the right to the high-quality education according to his or her abilities and inclinations.

The main principles of the educational system in Belarus are the priority of human values, national culture as the basis of education, humanism, sense of ecological purpose, scientific basis, support of gifted children and others.

Variant 3

I think that our system of education is good if you are interested in pure science. The amount of knowledge you will have got by the age of 18 is incomparable to that of my peers around the world. They know less than we do, but if you want to be a driver you donít have to know about the theory of relativity. Our drivers excel theirs in term of intelligence, but I think our drivers should not be made to learn the things which are often regarded as unnecessary in their profession. Breakthroughs in science are very important, but our well-being doesnít depend on them. We should know a lot about one specific area and by pretending to be in the know of many different things we significantly reduce our chances of taking over your opponents.


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