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Give the detailed retelling of the text.

DIALOGUE 1 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■


Peter and Mary Almar are having a meal at a restaurant in Athens after their first day in the city. They are examining the menu and choosing what to order.


Waiter: Are you ready to order now?
Peter: Yes, I think so. Could you tell us what "dolmadakia"
  is, please?
Waiter: It's vine leaves stuffed with meat and onions and
  served with lemon sauce.
Mary: It sounds delicious. I'll try this, please.
Waiter: And for the main course?
Mary: I'll have the chicken and rice with tomatoes.
Waiter: And for you, sir?
Peter: I'll have the fish and vegetable soup and the roast lamb
  with a salad, please.
Waiter: What dressing would you like on the salad?
Peter: French dressing, please. <
Waiter: And would you like anything to drink?
Mary: I'd like some white wine. Is there a Greek wine you
  can recommend?


Waiter: Well, the Santa Helena is very nice.
Peter: Yes, a bottle of the Santa Helena then, please.
Waiter: Yes, thank you.
Waiter: Is everything all right, sir?
Peter: Yes, thank you. That was very nice.
Waiter: Would you like a dessert?
Mary: Not for me, thank you.
Peter: No, thank you. Just two coffees. And could we have
  the bill, please.
Waiter: Yes, sir.

Read, memorize and dramatise the dialogue.

DIALOGUE 2 ■;■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Read and dramatize the dialogue.



Bar-waiter: Good evening, madam, good evening, sir. Would
  Would you like to sit at a table or at the bar counter?
Lady: I don't feel like sitting at the counter. I don't fan-
  fabcy a bar-stool. It's pretty uncomfortable.
Bar-waiter: This way, then, please. Will this table do?
Lady: That's fine. 1 like it.
Bar-waiter: What may I offer you?
Gentleman: What would you like to drink?
Lady: Some mixed drink for me. Can you mix a MAR-
  MARGARITA for me?
Bar-waiter: Yes, Mam. Frozen? Salt?
Lady: Yes, please.
Bar-waiter: And you, sir?
Gentleman: I'll have beer, please.
Bar-waiter: Any special brand?
Gentleman: I'd like you local brew.
Bar-waiter: Will the CARLTON do?
Gentleman: Yes, I'll try that one.
Bar-waiter: Bottled or draught.
Gentleman: The draught, please.


Bar-waiter:Fine. One MARGARITA. One draught CARL­TON. Any snacks?

Gentleman:No, thanks.

1. Order food you want according to the model:

You want to order vegetable soup — I'll have vegetable soup, please.

1. mixed salad

2. black caviar

3. smoked salmon and baked potatoes

4. tomato soup

You want to order5. jellied fruit

6. ice-cream with chocolate and topping

7. stewed rabbit

8. roast lamb

9. braised beef and onions

10. pancakes

2. Ask somebody to explain:

You don't know the meaning of 'zabaglione" — Could you tell me what "zabaglione' is?

1. pommes anna

2. souvlaki

3. foo yung

You don't know4. sause béarnaise

meaning of5. caesar salad

6. chicken a la Kiev

7. kvass

8. prime rib

9. raviolli

10. boeufs en cocotte

3. Say politely what you want or don't want to do:

You want to change you room — I feel like changing my room. You don't want to have any soup — / don't feel like having any soup.

1. to sit by the window

2. to have breakfast in bed

3. to have a full copy of the bill


You want4. to have a continental breakfast

5. to have any spirits

6. to have room service

7. to order any desert

You don't want8. to have a full English breakfast

9. to dine out

10. to have an extra napkin

11. to have an extra service

12. to have some soft drinks

ACTIVITY ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■»

1. Here are ads of the Food and Beverage departments in 3 different hotels. Read and translate the description and compare their catering service. Answer the ques­tions (tick the boxes):

Which hotel:


  The Peninsula Beverly Hills The Repulse Bay Quail Lounge
Has the biggest F&B department      
Has the widest choice of bars and cocktail lounges      
1 Has the most relaxing atmosphere      


Restaurants and bars

The Belvedere specialises in outstanding Californian cuisine, served indoors or in the garden patio. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Living Room serves the famous Peninsula afternoon tea and all-day light dinings against the backdrop of lush landscaped gardens.

The Club Bar is a sophisticated and richly appointed lounge for cocktail and snacks.

The Roof Garden serves Californian cuisine in a casual alfres­co setting.


Restaurants and bars

Tlie Verandah is a celebrated restaurant that brings you fine Continental fare in a classic and beautiful setting. A faultless combination of heavenly cuisine, fine wines and discreet, atten­tive service.

Spices is an institution for its diversified Asian flavours, ca­sual design and stunning garden setting. It is also a special ven­ue for weddings, themed social or business gatherings or just a memorable dinner for two.

Tlie Bamboo Bar is the perfect spot in which to relax and wind after a day's negotiating or sightseeing.

Tlie Reading Room with seating for up to 40 people, is the perfect setting for discreet business luncheons, corporate meet­ing, private dinner parties or any small scale gathering.

The Palm Court Cafe offers a variety of homemade breads and pastries and freshly brewed beverages for takeaway or enjoying in the delightful courtyard. It is also the ideal alternative for small cocktail events and children's parties.

The Garden is Hong Kong's finest venue for alfresco wining and dining. Looking out over the South China Sea, the Garden is a delightful haven of tranquillity and calm, a breathtaking set­ting for weddings, fashion parades, product launches, cocktail parties, BBQ dinners or any other event you care to imagine.


Restaurants and bars

Tlie Covey Restaurant has won many awards for its classic cui­sine inspired by the abundance of fresh ingredients from the Central Valley. The elegant lakeside setting allows for the natu­ral beauty to surround your table.

The Country Club dining room offers breakfast and lunch while overlooking lush green fairways.

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