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Now listen to the attachment and find the answers to these questions.

1 When did he start his course?

2 Why is Friday different from other days?

3 Which class does he most enjoy?

4 What is he thinking of for a project?

5 Why does he not like the maths lecturer?

6 What sport does he play at lunch-time?

7 What's happening on the 17th?

8 Where will it be?

9 Who will be there?


Task 4.Put each E-mail term next to the correct definition.

To:, Cancel, Spell Check, cc:, bcc:, Attachments, Send, Message, Subject:, Save Draft

1. the main part of an E-mail where you write the information you want to communicate  
2. click here to send your message    
3. the line where you write the title of the message    
4. the line where you write the E-mail addresses of other people you want to receive your message  
5. an address here gets a copy of the message, but other recipients do not know  
6. click here to specify the file you want to send (attach) with your message    
7. the line where you write the E-mail address of the person you are sending your message to  
8. click here to save your unfinished message without sending it    
9. click here to cancel your message    
10. click here to check the spelling of your message  

Task 5.Study this typical email address. It belongs to Anna Lock, who works for the Pesto company in the UK.


userid domain type of organization country

Study these examples of types of organizations and countries.


comorco commercial organization
edu/ac education
gov government
int international organizations
mil military
net network provider
org not-for-profit and other organizations
at Austria  
au Australia  
ca Canada  
ch Switzerland  
de Germany  
es Spain  
fr France  
it Italy  


Task 6.Whose email addresses are these? Match the addresses (1-8) to the list of users (a-h).







8. s.larrieu@ly.ac.fr

a. UN organization based in Italy

b. a US politician

Ů. a Swedish charity

d. a student at a French university

e. a news programme on a public broadcasting service in the UK

f . an Italian wine co-operative

g.military organization based in the US

h. an ISP


Task 7.Match these smileys to their meanings

:-) Iím left-handed

;-) I have a cold

;-( Iím felling like a clown

:-I Iím happy

8-) I didnít like something

:-{) Iím screaming

:-~) Iím wearing a Walkman

Q:^) I have a moustache

*:O) I wear glasses

;-D Iím laughing

(-: Iím winking, flirting or being ironic

:-@ Soldier, man with a beret, Boy Scout

[:-) Iím indifferent

=:-0 Iím scared or surprised

Task 8. Translate into English:

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