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Ex. 6. Fill in the missing words in the text below. Choose from the following list and use each word once only.


detective plain clothes jury trial death penalty coroner solicitor inquest wardens verdict

1. If you want legal advice in Britain, you go to a … .

2. At the end of the …, the judge ordered the twelve men and women of the … to retire and consider their …, guilty or not guilty.

3. Men or women who look after prisoners in prison are called prison officers or … .

4. If a person dies in unusual circumstances, an … is held at a special court, and the “judge” is called a … .

5. A policeman who investigates serious crime is called a … . He wears …, not uniform.

6. In some countries murderers are executed but other countries have abolished the … .

arrested dealt with detective give up lock locked up picking behind bars punished crime should melt robberies spent beyond sneaking stealing without criminals youngsters  


A boy of 11 who carried out £150,000 thefts was … last night on the orders of the Health Secretary, Virginia Bottomley. The angel-faced youngster had bragged he was … the law after being … and released 68 times. Each time he was sent to a children’s home only to flee and carry on … . A … said: “He’s the most wicked child you could imagine, one of the most prolific … we have seen.”

Finally officials appealed to Mrs. Bottomley who is responsible for all social services, including … in care. Under the Children’s Act local authorities cannot put youngsters under 13 into secure homes … the Minister’s approval. Now Mrs. Bottomley has given Leeds Council special powers to … him away because of the exceptional circumstances of the case. Last night the boy, who is believed to have started … pockets at the age of four, was … after being traced by police – committing more … . His offences include burglaries, … and stealing cars and drugs. He is said to have … most of the proceeds on prostitutes and drugs. He committed many of his crimes before his 10th birthday then he could not be … by law.

Last night, a detective who has … the notorious 11-year-old said: “I have never known such an old head on such young shoulders. To look at him, butter would not … in his mouth, but there isn’t anything he hasn’t done. If he is having sex with prostitutes and … into pubs when he’s only 11, what’s he going to be like when he’s 20 or 30?”

His father, who lives in a Leeds suburb, said: “He has amassed so much money I believe he’ll never … his life of crime. All I can do now is pray he’ll see sense and grow out of this. Until then he … be locked up.”

Ex. 7. Sorting out car crime. Here are two articles: one about joyriding, consisting of two sections, and the other about carjacking, consisting of four. Complete the gaps with the appropriate words and say which sections belong to each article. (The sections are in the correct order for each article.)

aStop your car at a red light in Detroit and you may find you have lost it for good. Thieves have hit on an easy way of stealing cars: order the driver out at gunpoint, then take his place and drive off. … is not limited to Detroit – Houston has reported as many as ten in one day and San Diego, Atlanta and Los Angeles are infected – but it has become a mini-epidemic in the city and some of its suburbs in recent weeks.


b Most teenage … are school failures who believe they are very good or exceptional drivers and take cars for excitement, according to a survey on car crime. Although they knew it was wrong to steal a car, most of those interviewed, all under 17, did not consider themselves criminals and had almost no concern for the victims of their crime.


cIn the past six weeks more than 3000 drivers have been … in Detroit. Several people, including an off-duty policeman, have been killed trying to resist.


d Jeff Briggs, who carried out the survey among 200 youths at a car project at Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, said that while many people complained about the term, … was an accurate description of the experience of taking vehicles. “They get a good time, an enormous amount of joy out of … ,” he told a conference on car crime in London yesterday.


eThere have been about 200 arrests. … may be an easy way to steal a car – and two thirds of the cars have been recovered – but the penalty for being caught is high.


f Armed robbery carries a much bigger penalty than theft. The … spree has left Detroit’s inner city even emptier than usual.

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