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Ex. 5. Choose the most suitable word for each space.


1. All the classroom windows were broken, but nobody knew who the … was.

A victim B culprit C guilty Dresponsible

2. The police have not yet found a possible … for the murder.

A example B motive C principle Dunderstanding

3. Mr Baxwell threatened to … the newspaper for libel.

A sue B arrest C blackmail D enforce

4. Police have … off the town centre and are searching for the bomb.

A withdrawn B surrounded Csealed D assembled

5. The death … in the weekend’s traffic exodus has risen to sixteen.

A score B rate C toll D mark

6. He was arrested for trying to pass … notes at the banks.

Afalse B counterfeit C fake D fraudulent

7. The police are concentrating on arresting drug … rather than casual users.

Atraffickers B agents C merchants D enterpreneurs

8. The railway station was full of … asking passengers for money.

A wanderers B beggars C penniless D petitioners

9. David was … twenty pounds for driving without due care and attention.

A charged Bfined C ordered D penalized

10. The whole building collapsed, but fortunately there were no … .

A wounded B hurt C casualties D victims


Ask most people for their list of Top Ten fears, and you’ll be sure to find (1) … burgled fairly high on the list. An informal survey I carried out among friends at a party last week revealed that eight of them had had their homes (2) … into more than twice, and two had been burgled five times. To put the record straight, (3)… of my friends owns valuable paintings or a sideboard full of family silverware. Three of them are students, in fact. The most typical (4) …, it seems, involves the (5) … of easily transportable items – the television, the video, even food from the freezer. This may have something to do with the (6) … that the average burglar is in his (or her) late teens, and probably wouldn’t know (7) … to do with a Picasso, whereas selling a Walkman or a vacuum cleaner is a much easier (8) … . They are perhaps not so (9) … professional criminals, as hard-up young people who need a few pounds and some excitement. (10) … that this makes having your house turned upside down and your favourite things stolen any easier to (11) … . In most cases, the police have no luck in (12) … any of the stolen goods. Unless there is any definite (13) … , they are probably unable to do anything at all. And alarms or special locks don’t seem to help either. The only advice my friends could (14) … was “Never live on the ground floor” and “Keep two or three very fierce dogs”, which reminded me of a case I read about, where the burglars’ (15) … included the family’s pet poodle.

1. A been B having C being D out

2. A robbed B broken C taken D entered

3. A none B some C all D few

4. A burglary Bitem C one D invariably

5. A carrying Brobbing C example Dtheft

6. A information B fact Cidea Dknowledge

7. A where B how C what Dwhatever

8. A matter B price Cevent D one

9. Amany Bmuch C that D rarely

10. A Given B So CNot D Despite

11. Abelieve Baccept C do D attempt

12. A taking B bout C tracking D recovering

13. A case B burglary C investigation D evidence

14. A come up with Bget by with C bring up with D put in with

15. A takings B profit C loot D receipts

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