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With a partner choose two of the advertisements to read more closely. Answer these questions on style.

a. Which of these words would best describe the style? (More than one is possible.) Why have the adverts used this particular style?

serious enthusiastic formal scientific literary informal impersonal personal colloquial rhetorical



b. How many exclamation marks are there? Why are they used?

c. Find two or three examples of ellipsis. Why is this feature so common?

d. Are the sentences long or short or a mixture? Which do you think are the most effective in advertisements?

Read through all three advertisements. Note the key phrases in the chart below that illustrate the features listed on the left.

F e a t u r e s Prune Lips Skinny Legs Wrinkle Stick
Claim to be the only one of its type or much better than anything else on the market   unique lotion    
Claim to scientific respectability      
Claim to be new      
Quick results      
Claim to make you feel, as well as look, better      
Suggestion that the product has been specially developed with the reader personally in mind      
Financial incentives/guarantees      

Work individually. For each statement, put a tick in the column which most accurately reflects your opinion.

Agree Disagree It depends Don’t


a. The basic assumption behind these advertisements is that there is an ideal physical appearance and that those who don’t conform to it are ugly and failures.

b. Advertisements such as these honestly try to help people who have real physical problems

c. If you buy these products, the advertisements imply, you will be irresistible to the opposite sex.

d. If we can improve people’s appearance, the world will be a happier place.

e. These advertisements encourage people to come to terms with their physical appearance, including their less attractive features, and are therefore a good thing.

f. They all imply that you would look fine if it weren’t for that one little imperfection.

g. These are ordinary advertisements aimed at ordinary people.

h. Advertisements such as these have no motive other than to make money for the manufacturers.

£ £ £ £



£ £ £ £



£ £ £ £



£ £ £ £



£ £ £ £



£ £ £ £



£ £ £ £


£ £ £ £

i. The subtle effect of this type of advertising is to increase people’s feelings of inadequacy.

j. You would have to be naïve to buy one of these products.

£ £ £ £



£ £ £ £

Now compare your answers with a partner. Justify your opinions on any points about which you disagree. If you ticked It depends, say what it depends on.

Vocabulary Exercises

Ex. 1. Read the statement below and fill in the gaps with words from the box.

price product promotion place  


The marketing mix

To meet customers’ needs a business must develop the right (1) … to satisfy them, charge the right (2) … , get the goods to the right (3) … and make the existence of the goods known through effective (4) … .

beneficial misleading blatant brainwash implicit catchy jingles exploit ubiquitous bombard watchdog informative subtle  



Modern advertisements contain hidden messages. (1) … in the advertisement showing the pretty girl in the new car or the smiling children round the packet of washing powder is the message that if we buy the product, we also achieve success and happiness. It is a (2) … approach since it seeks to (3) … our secret dreams, and it is inescapable since advertising is (4) … . Giant street hoardings and (5) … on television (6) … us from all sides. They (7) … us into believing that we can realise our ambitions quickly and easily. On the other hand, defenders of advertising say that it is (8) … . Advertising is (9) … . Advertisements tell us about useful new products. They brighten our lives with colour and music. They increase demand, stimulate industry and so keep prices down. Whether for or against advertising, most people would agree that some kind of (10) … body, appointed by the government or by the advertising industry itself, is necessary to maintain standards of honesty and to discourage the more (11) … types of (12) … advertisements.

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