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Ex. 4. Supply the best words in Parts A and B.

A 1. A … lists the times of classes, etc. 2. When schools close, the children are on … . 3. Children who live in a school are called … . 4. The head of a school could be called the … . 5. A school for the very young is a … . 6. The function of a school is to … children. 7. You can remove mistakes with a … . 8. A … describes the activities of a school. 9. Have you seen the new … for the exams? 10. A student might win one of these. 11. You would do an … in a laboratory. 12. Alexander Fleming … penicillin. 13. Some students learn languages with … . 14. We’re building a car in our … . 15. After … you can attend university. 16. The children sat on … to watch the match. 17. We’re … for the football match. 18. Write your answers on this … . 19. You might receive … at the end of each term. 20. Universities can only … a few students. a) timetable b) schedule a) leave b) holiday a) pensioners b) boarders a) principal b) principle a) kindergarten b) nursery a) educate b) bring up a) gum b) rubber a) prospectus b) prospect a) programme b) syllabus a) a premium b) a prize a) experience b) experiment a) discovered b) invented a) convenience b) ease a) laboratory b) workshop a) gymnasium b) grammar school a) benches b) banks a) training b) drilling a) protocol b) sheet a) a reference b) a report a) admit b) receive
B 1. I need to pass my Cambridge First … . 2. She’s got a … to do French at Oxford. 3. Teachers … so many exercise books! 4. Our course provides you with … experience. 5. You do this before you take an exam. 6. High … requires capital investment. 7. Different … have edited Shakespeare. 8. What … did you get for the spelling test? 9. Sh! I want to listen to the … . 10. … lessons are very expensive. 11. I … down what the teacher said. 12. My essay was illustrated with a … . 13. Few people add to the sum of human … . 14. No one likes to … an exam. 15. History is my favourite … at school. 16. … is treated like any other school subject. 17. … is the most difficult of all subjects. 18. Discipline is the best … . 19. I don’t know how mistakes like this can … . 20. It’s hard to … into university.     a) Certificate b) Diploma a) position b) place a) note b) mark a) practicable b) practical a) revision b) repetition a) technique b) technology a) scholars b) students a) mark b) degree a) conference b) lecture a) Particular b) Private a) marked b) noted a) diagram b) scheme a) science b) knowledge a) fail b) lose a) topic b) subject a) Gymnastics b) Exercise a) Physic b) Physics a) politics b) policy a) rise b) arise a) get b) enter

state terms seminar degree private primary tutorial graduate nursery school secondary lecture break up compulsory fees academic grant
Ex. 5. Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct space in the passage below.



When children are two or three years old, they sometimes go to a (1) … , where they learn simple games and songs. Their first real school is called a (2) … school. In Britain children start this school at the age of five. The (3) … year in Britain begins in September and is divided into three (4) … . Schools (5) … for the summer holiday in July. (6) … education begins at the age of about eleven, and most schools at this level are co-educational, which means boys and girls study together in the same classes. In Britain education is (7) … from five to 16 years of age, but many children choose to remain at school for another two or three years after 16 to take higher exams. Most children go to (8) … schools, which are maintained by the government or local education authorities, but some children go to (9) … schools, which can be very expensive. University courses normally last three years and then students (10) … , which means they receive their (11) … . At university, teaching is by (12) … (an individual lesson between a teacher and one or two students), (13) … (a class of students discussing a subject with a teacher), (14) … (when a teacher gives a prepared talk to a number of students) and of course private study. Most people who receive a university place are given a (15) … by the government to help pay their (16) … and living expenses.

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