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Vocabulary Exercises

Ex. 1. Match the words in the left column with the correct definition in the right column. Then complete the sentences below with words from the left column.

Grade a) paper awarded by college or by U.S. high school

To learn smth by heart b) smth officially received on completion of training

Diploma c) mark of A, B, C, etc.

Edutainment d) grade out of 10 or 20, etc.

Mark e) to learn smth for a test or exam

Certificate f) smb studying for first university degree

Undergraduate g) to know smth very well

To revise h) television programmes, videos, software etc. that

Entertain you while they teach you smth

1. On graduation day, all the high school graduates received their … .

2. I can’t come out tonight as I’m … for tomorrow’s test.

3. Ten out of ten is the best … anyone can get.

4. He didn’t need notes as he had learned the speech … .

5. We will need to see photocopies of your G.C.S.E. … .

6. Is this video series really … , or is it just a gimmick?

7. Although Eric got a D … in the exam, it was a narrow fail.

8. In the USA, first-year … are called freshmen.

Ex. 2. Match the words with a suitable definition.

1) classmate a) someone who teaches at a university

2) examiner b) someone who studies at primary or secondary school

3) learner c) someone who trains a sports team

4) principal d) the most important teacher in a university department

5) pupil e) someone who has a college degree

6) coach f) someone who teaches one student or a very small class

7) graduate g) someone in the same class as yourself

8) lecturer h) the head of a school

9) professor i) someone who writes the question papers of an examination

10)tutor j) someone who drives but has not yet passed a driving test.

Ex. 3. Study the following definitions and give the corresponding educational terms.

a) a first university degree;

b) a degree that you can study for after your bachelor’s degree;

c) school or college subjects that give students a general education and teach them to think, rather than those subjects that develop practical skills;

d) the subjects that students study at a particular school or college;

e) a lesson in which a small group of students discuss a subject with a tutor, especially at a university or college;

f) the work that teachers do when they teach a particular subject, especially to one person or a small group;

g) an amount of money that an organization gives to someone so that they can study at a particular school or university;

h) an amount of money that the government or an organization gives you for a specific purpose and does not ask you to pay back;

i) permission to become a student at a college or university;

j) lessons for adults, often held in the evening, that give them the opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects;

k) to stay away from school without permission;

l) a test in a particular subject given to children in schools in the UK;

m) control of an activity or process by official rules or by state (district);

n) a system in which students work at home with the help of television, computer or radio broadcasts and send work to their teachers by post or email.

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