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Factory_ __ industry

8. The computer ______ has undergone massive changes in the last twenty years. 9. His mother worked in a chocolate ______ for nearly forty years.





- How does the idea of a 'gap year' (a break from studies between school and university) sound to you?

- If you had the chance to do it, what would you like to do?


You will hear an expert talking about conservation work in Australia. What kind of activities does he say people taking a gap year can do in Australia? Tick the correct boxes.

protect endangered animals  plant trees  clean up polluted lakes  LISTENING FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION

Listen again and complete the sentences below.

1. Australia is unique because you cannot find the wildlife and _____________ that exists there anywhere else. 2. The number of rock wallabies is _____________. 3. The speaker explained that all you need is common sense and a lot of _____________ to take part in a conservation project. 4. The speaker says that apart from work, volunteers have a lot of _____________. 5. Doing this kind of work gives ordinary people the opportunity to learn about the environment and do something to help_____________. 6. Students, people who want to take a break from their _____________ and even retired people take part in conservation work. 7. Over a period of _____________, more than a million trees have been replanted thanks to conservation projects.



- Why is it important to keep the earth clean?

- What do you do to make your community a cleaner place?

Focus on Pictures

A. Look at pictures A and B. Compare the pictures and explain how they make you feel. You can use some of the words and expressions in the boxes.

naturally beautiful clean swimming toxins pollution disaster disease
man-made fresh healthy harmful fatal clear wildlife


The environment in A/B is/seems to be... whereas... The environment in A/B must be...
I believe picture A/B is... because... Looking at picture /, I feel...



B. Look at the pictures again. Which of the two places would you like to find out more about?

Further Discussion

- How can living near a polluted area affect your life?

- In what ways is water important in our life?

- Who is responsible for water pollution? What should be done about it?


Lesson 6. Writing a Balanced Essay



- Would you be interested in taking part in alternative holiday activities, like planting trees, cleaning up a mountain slope or visiting national parks?

- What do you think are the possible benefits and drawbacks of such activities?

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