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Module I. Clean Planet Happy Life

Lesson 1. Different Forms of Entertainment



Are there any theme parks in your city/country?

Do you know of any famous theme parks in other countries?

Why are theme parks popular with families?

Have you ever been to a theme park? If yes, what did/ didn't you like about it? If not, would you like to visit one? Why / Why not?


Read the advertisements A-D quickly and answer the following questions. Write A,B, C or D.

Which theme parks...

a. give you the chance to travel back in time? _________

b. give you the chance to be close to nature? _________


Childersburg, Alabama (36 miles from Birmingham)

Hours: 9am - 4:30pm (5:30 in the summer)

Admission: (adults) $21, (children) $18

DeSoto Caverns is located in scenic Alabama. Get in tune with nature, as you take a guided tour of our caves get 'lost' in the Lost Trail Maze, or visit the ancient Woodland Indian burial ground. Kids will have fun searching for semi-precious stones, crystals, and fossils or enjoying our many theme park rides, including go-carts, racing on land in 'Happy's Potty Race' (toilets on wheels!), or in water on paddle boats. Test your endurance on our rock wall, or in the thrilling 'cave crawl Seasonal sound, light, and water shows take plan inside the caves.

Group/school/party rates are available. Special packages for school trips which include an 'underground classroom' experience and a private cave tour.

On-site accommodation includes campgrounds which have picnic areas by a beautiful waterfall.


Stone Mountain, Georgia (just outside Atlanta)

Hours: 10am-5pm daily / 10am - 9pm summer

Admission: $8 vehicle entry into park,

Attraction Pass: $25 (adults), $19 (children), $22 (senior/military)

Summit Skyride: $9

Pets welcome!

Whoever said history can't be fun never went to Stone Mountain Park. The park, just minutes from downtown Atlanta, combines nature and history to create an unforgettable experience! There is truly something for everyone here, including an old-fashioned railroad, museums, and various rides including different water boats - that is if you don't mind getting a little wet. Going on a trip on the Summit Skyride is a must! Travel to the top of the mountain, which stands at a height of 825 feet, on a Swiss cable car. From the top, enjoy a photographic view of up to 60 miles, including the beautiful Atlanta skyline, and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Take a trip back in time at 'Crossroads', a working 1800s town with various period shops. If you're depleted, you can reenergise at our famous cooking restaurant.

There is also a nearby campground/RV park, and public picnic area. Company picnics and corporate workshops available, as well as school trips and educational tours.


Plant City, Florida (20 min. from Tampa, 1 hour from Orlando)

Hours: 9am-6pm daily (9-5 Dec - Jan)

Admission: $12.75 (adults), $9.75 (children), $10.75 (seniors/military), $2 off when ordering from the website

You'll be amazed at Dinosaur World by our 150 life- sized dinosaur replicas in their recreated natural habitats. After you've explored the dino habitats and caves, get ready for some digging! In the 'bone yard,' you can dig up full dinosaur skeletons. Children aged 3-12 love taking part in our fossil dig, where they can search for shark teeth, shells, coral, and much more! Each child may keep three pieces of their finds, as a souvenir of their'dig.'

There is no food service available, but there is a nearby picnic area if you'd like to bring your own.

Special 'outdoor classroom' interactive educational classes are available for schools.


Chandler, Arizona (just south of Phoenix)

Hours: 11am-10pm daily

Admission: free admission/parking

Attraction tickets: $4 per attraction

Town day pass: $12

Bull riding: $6 (adult), $3 (children)

Sheep riding for toddlers: $1

Cow riding: $10

You'll think you stepped into a time machine when you come to Rawhide where we've recreated an entire 1880s style Wild West town. Don't get out of line though, or else our 'town sheriff will arrest you during the 'arrest- a-guest' demonstration. Don't worry, you won't stay behind bars for too long!

Explore our town, or pick up some items at our clothing, food, and general stores. Have an old-fashioned picture taken of you and your family in period costume. You'll have a great time searching for gold, watching a show, going to the zoo on our ranch, or taking a donkey ride. Don't forget to ride our mechanical bull: 'The Widowmaker.' Before leaving, you'll definitely have to have dinner at our famous steakhouse. Don't skip dessert! It's well worth trying our famous apple pie with homemade ice cream.

Plan your birthday or school trips with us.

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