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You can get acquainted with the format of Focus Group Discussion in Appendix 4.

1._ Watch and listen to the music video of the song “Nobody Knows Your Name”(Video Recording 3). If you are not sure about its meaning read the lyrics.

2._ Before you discuss the song and the video cast the roles so that to fit the format of Focus Group: · choose a facilitator · agree about other participants’ roles. Arrange your seats in a semicircle– it’llallow you to freely see and hear each other. Prepare your Mind/Cognitive and Vocabulary mapsto serve you as prompts during discussion.

3._ Below you are given a plan of how to conduct a Focus Group Discussion. Use it to lead the discussion. Follow the guidelines in bold type.

Facilitator:Good afternoon and welcome to our focus group

session on youth problems. Thank you for taking the time

to come here.

My name is … and I work in Jade Tree Records. With us here are the team from The German Film School who created that draft music video to a song by Statistics you have watched. We would like to understand your attitude towards the video and the youth problems depicted there so we can improve the video and make it more catching.

There are no right or wrong answers but rather various points of view. Please feel free to express yourself even if your point of view differs from what others have said. Before we begin, let me remind you to please talk one at a time. Please keep in mind also that we’re just as interested in


negative comments as positive comments, and at times the negative comments are the most helpful.

Our session will last for about an hour. But before we ask the first question, let’s find out some more about each other. Tell us your name and age.

Participants: … Tell your name and age.

Facilitator: Introduce Discussion Theme 1:Participants’ impressions of the video.Ask questions to distill what associations and emotions were evoked by the video.

Participants: … Answer Facilitator’s questions.

Facilitator: Introduce Discussion Theme 2:Challenges that the youngsters all over the world face today.Ways to overcome personal problems. Ask questions to clarify each participant’s ideas.

Participants: … Answer Facilitator’s questions. Use your Cognitive

… and Vocabulary maps.

Facilitator: Introduce Discussion Theme 3:Appropriateness of negative images of today’s youth in mass media. Ask questions to clarify each participant’s position on the topic.

Participants: … Answer Facilitator’s questions. Use your Cognitive

… and Vocabulary maps.

Facilitator: Make a summary of Discussion Points. Give closing

remarks(thanks and farewells).

4.You did a great job with presenting your inventions orally. Let's encore by presenting your ideas in a different format. Express your view on the challenges of the youth in an opinion essay titled «The greatest concern of contemporary youth».


_ Before you start writing think of the differences between oral and written genres, discuss them with your group-mates and reflect them in your writing. Good luck!

The format of opinion essay is described in Appendix 5, p. …

‘ Reading and watching for information on youth concerns, Netiquette and internet jargon

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