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àSelf-centered communication here does not mean egoistic. It helps us understand ourselves better and thus helps us be more understandable for others in further interactions.
When you surf the Internet and read different materials there you do communicate. However this sort of communication does not make you heard – it's a kind of self-centeredà communication. In order to be a part of the Internet community you should initiate discussions and respond to other people's texts. This sort of communication is calledsocializing. On the Internet you can socialize on behalf of a different person … well, if you are capable to inscribe into your texts certain social and personal characteristics of that “different” person, of course. Would you like to try?


Hello, I need some help..? I'm a 17 year old virgin who lives with his mother. Drop out from highschool and been to different schools since. I went through different stories of life. I then ended up in a shelter and such. Now that I'm here at the apartment I live in a single bedroom. She get's the bedroom and I got the floor. I do have internet. I don't have friends. I smoke weed and narlboro's (ciggs) and don't drink. I've tried looking for a job but I feel no one will higher me cause of how I write and look. Look for me on Facebook. Um yeah so anyways. I sorta wanna move and **** but can't with no money. I'm sorta scared of life so I hide myself and never go outside. Yeah ask if you need more…
Read a SOS message on one of the Internet sites and reconstruct the author's speech portrait

from http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110629160926AA7epkO

2.Using the rules of netiquette, your knowledge of internet jargon, your Mind/Cognitive and Vocabulary maps(remember you use and simultaneously develop them with each passing task)reply to the above message. TRY DIFFERENT ROLES – you can choose them from the list below or invent your own personality:

· you are a male, 17 years old, you study journalism and have had no problems with your parents, actually you have both parents “wealthy and healthy” … (invent other personal details)

· you are a teenage girl, suffering from overweight and lack of friends, you read a lot and collect stickers … (invent other personal details)

· you are 59, an almost retired military man, single; you have always dreamt of teaching in the Military Academy but never got a chance to do it … (invent other personal details)


à You can write on behalf of your true selves and then exchange the messages at random so that nobody knew whose message s/he's got.  
you are a mum of a drug-addict who is 16, you have organized an Internet club for the youngsters with similar problems and their parents, you look for supporters …(invent other personal details)

Remember about an avatar and a nick for each role

At page 37 you can find some information about

Netiquette and internet jargon


_ Exchange the messages and try to reconstruct

personalities and stories of their alleged or trueà


 Interpreting and resuming

à Statistics are a rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. It was formed in 2003 by Denver Dalley, formerly of rock band Desaparecidos. They are on the Jade Tree Records label.
Up to now you have been collecting and organizing ideas about those problematic situations that a young person faces in today's multicultural world. You have also been gathering your personal vocabulary that can help in communicating your ideas. One more thing that you tried was deciphering and inscribing certain personalities out of and into texts. Let's use your gained skills and elaborated materials in a Focus Group Discussion of the music video to the song “Nobody Knows Your Name” by a rock band Statisticsà.

Nobody Knows Your Name Your eyes always look towards the ground Your ears seem to follow the sounds And nobody knows your name And nobody knows your name Your hands hold each other so tight They break to push the hair away from your eyes And nobody knows your name And nobody knows your name Your lips part to drink a little more Your eyelashes wish their way to the floor And nobody knows your name And nobody knows your name

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